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triple threat

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U-MARY MEN'S BASKETBALL: Marauders' triple threat
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TOM STROMME/Tribune From left, U-Mary’s Eric Erdmann, Anthony Moody and Jordan Wilhelm have each scored at least 1,000 points in their Marauders careers.

The three combined sounds like the name of a prestigious law or accounting firm.

Guess again.

The trio of last names means some of the most prestigious men's basketball players in the Northern Sun and some of the most decorated players to go through the University of Mary program.

Eric Erdmann is a 6-foot-5 guard from Fargo. Jordan Wilhelm is a 6-4 guard from Bismarck. Anthony Moody is a 6-0 point guard from Appleton, Wis.

The trio brings three different styles of play to the court. While they share several common bonds on and off the court, they accomplished something special last weekend on a road trip. The seniors became the first trio of 1,000 career point scorers at U-Mary to play on the same team.

"It's pretty special," U-Mary coach Randall Herbst said. "They all three have their own special talent about them. What a way for them to finish their careers, not only going down as 1,000-plus point scorers but having the season they're having. They are part of something extra special."

The Marauders cracked into the national poll for the first time since joining the NCAA in 2006 and are ranked 24th. U-Mary is second in the Northern Sun at 17-4 and is 21-4 overall while riding a 14-game winning streak.

The Marauders wrap up their regular season on Saturday when they play host to Northern State. They host a home playoff game on March 2 against an opponent to be determined.

The threesome

Moody, who transferred from Lake Region State last year, eclipsed the 1,000-point barrier this past weekend and accomplished the feat in less than two years at U-Mary. Moody has totaled 1,055 points at U-Mary and scored 875 at Lake Region State in 58 games. Moody leads the Marauders in scoring with 21.7 points a game. He ranks 13th on the all-time scoring list.

"When people think of Mary they think, ‘They have Moody, they have Moody,'" said Moody, a university studies major. "But the reality is it's not just me who makes this team. It's everyone. With everyone comes two other players that have cracked a 1,000. It's just a great feeling knowing I have the support on the team who is willing to make plays and can make plays."

Herbst often wonders where Moody would have ended up on U-Mary's all-time scoring list if he would have played his entire career there.

"If he would have played here all four years, he might have been the all-time leading scorer," Herbst said. "But we don't have a crystal ball. What a feat for him to get it done in two seasons."

Moody is quick to credit Herbst for shaping him into a prolific basketball player.

When Moody finished his career at Lake Region State, his mind was set on returning to or near his home state. But Herbst convinced him to come to Bismarck.

"I couldn't have broken 1,000 points here without the help of coach Herbst," Moody said. "He gave me the freedom and trusted in me. He gave me the keys to the car. He told me to play my game and my teammates will follow. Everything he told me when he recruited me is happening right now, so I have tremendous trust in him. It's very seldom you have a coach that actually tells you something and follows through with it."

Erdmann scored his 1,000th point last season and is fourth on the Marauders' scoring chart with 1,566 tallies. He's second on the team with 15.0 points a contest.

Erdmann is in his fifth year in the U-Mary program after taking a medical redshirt two years ago. Perhaps that has been a blessing for the Marauders as Erdmann has been a key factor in this season's success.

"I guess you can say it was," said Erdmann, a computer information systems and business finance major. "I really would have struggled that season in being effective as far as playing in any way, shape or form."

Wilhelm scored his 1,000th point this season and has accumulated 1,092 in his career for 12th on the U-Mary ladder. He's averaging 11.0 points a game.

"I've been a role player in my four years here," said Wilhelm, a physical education and social studies major. "I know my role here. I feel like I've thrived as that second or third scorer. It's just a tribute to what hard work can do."

In the program

Erdmann and Wilhelm were recruited by former head coach Juno Pintar. Moody was signed by Herbst, who succeeded Pintar.

"When I first got here, I remember meeting with Jordan, Eric and (former player) Danny Sandvig," Herbst said. "They came in the gym and were working on their game. They were trying to learn as much about me as I was about them. After watching game tape, I knew we had guys who could shoot the basketball. Our job was to try to put them in a position to be successful with their abilities. They have been successful."

Wilhelm and Erdmann were part of a U-Mary squad that took its lumps after transitioning from NAIA to NCAA. Now, the Marauders have produced a 20-win year.

"For us coming in, we wanted to help pioneer the University of Mary into Division II," Wilhelm said. "I feel like we've done a pretty good job of establishing the program into a team to be respected.

"It's really a neat opportunity to play with so many good players. The cool thing about college basketball is everyone was one of the best players on their high school team. It's cool when you get a collaboration of guys together like we have."

"He has polished up his game in the last two years. He has always had speed and quickness, now he has learned how to play under control and use his abilities in the right way. His decision-making has been outstanding. He has made me look like a really good coach at times."

- Randall Herbst on Anthony Moody

"He's a tough matchup for anybody in the front line. He has the ability to step out to the 3-point line. He has a tremendous game in the post. From 8 feet out, he can go in either direction with either hand. He's been successful with his fade-away."

- Herbst on Erdmann

"He's done a great job shooting the 3 at a pretty decent pace. He's been doing a decent job with the dribble drive and even scoring with his back to the basket. He can hit a one- or two-dribble pullup."

- Herbst on Wilhelm

"He's an undersized post and he can do so much. He's a matchup problem for any team. If you put a 6-11 or 7-footer on him, he can take them off the dribble. If you put an undersized guy on him, he can play with his back to the basket. He can play that 1 through 5 spot."

- Wilhelm on Erdmann

"His game speaks for itself. The stats don't even do him justice. He's faster and quicker than anyone I've ever played with. He does such a good job of creating shots for himself and creating shots for us. He's exactly what you need a point guard to do for you."

- Wilhelm on Moody

"He's a smart player. He always takes good shots. He has a nice fadeaway that you can't really block. All you can do is contest it and he'll still make it. He's not selfish. He's always willing to make that extra pass. He will throw his body in there for a charge. I love everything about his game."

- Wilhelm on Moody

"He's a knock-down shooter. Most of my assists come from him - just driving and kicking to him for a 3. He knocks down the shots we need him to."

- Moody on Wilhelm

"He makes everyone better on the court. He can create his own shot and get anyone else open. He's so quick with the ball. He's the ultimate press breaker. Teams try to press us, and we just give him the ball, and he drives past everyone."

- Erdmann on Moody

"Jordan is the ultimate clutch guy. He's the ultimate shooter. You know you have to guard him, especially past halfcourt. He's got the skills to dribble by people. He's big enough where he can post the guards up as well. He's such a versatile player."

- Erdmann on Wilhelm

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