Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i knew if i had my chance, i could make those people dance

and maybe they'd be happy for a while...

i haven't written a lot lately. and i don't really have a good reason why. i'm not sure that i am 100% busy all the time. i have a lot of varied things going on lately. every sunday, i take my little sister skating. monday evenings i typically have tennis lessons (which, BTW, is an AWESOME sport. its sooo fun! i've never picked up a racket prior to before 3 lessons ago). i haven't been traveling very much. i think i did 2 work trips in january, 1 in february and i leave today for a trip for the week. normally i have 2-3 trips per month for work alone. and i think the only trip i've taken for personal reasons was a few weeks ago when i went to minneapolis for the weekend to watch my brother play basketball. that will change soon. i will be gone for 3 straight weekends soon.

oh! the other thing that has been keeping me busy is planning for my 30th birthday. (woot, woot) i am actually VERY excited to turn 30. i'm sick of being in my 20s. it seems so immature. bleh. yesterday i read this article about how women start feeling old when they hit 29. ??!! i don't feel old! thats pretty sad. and if you read the article, it makes it seem like its because of societal pressures of how to look. poop on that! i try very hard to not let society pressure me in to things. men don't feel old until they are 58 or something like that. do you feel old? how old are you?

oh, so back to birthday planning. my birthday is in may - less than 2 months away! i think i will have my boston-based friends over the actual night of my birthday for a small no-pressure party. i was thinking wine tasting, and then i thought i should have a theme like 80s or something like that (since i was born in the 80s). so i have to figure out how to marry the two. i was super excited for the 80s themed party until i realized that i don't have any 80s clothes left. left? thats funny. not that i would fit into clothes from when i was 9. i mean, i don't know that i have any 80s clothes at all. i feel like i could get some wrist bands and colored tights and off the shoulder shirts. but what else could i get that would be easy to find/keep? that's my one stumbling block right now.

the other plan is that at the end of may, about a dozen of my dearest friends are heading up to a cabin in maine to spend a long weekend. it should be really really cool. i'm also planning on going white-water rafting, too. i LOVE white-water rafting. woo hoo. should be fun.

on sunday, my roommate and i headed to sucker punch, the movie. i LOVED the beginning bit. it was so dark and mysterious and totally fun in a really alice in wonderland, garbage, dreary way. can that be fun? ha. i enjoyed it. but then it kind of fell into different layers and there was a massive sci-fi portion to it that i just don't understand. i'm not a huge sci-fi fan. in retrospect, the soundtrack is FABULOUS. i've added it to my amazon queue. will have to get that at some point. after that, we were supposed to have kc and the sunshine band over, but they couldn't make it. higgi made fajitas and they were DELISH. much better than mine, i think. then we watched red eye while we were both on our laptops. it was so fun! just how i like a sunday to be.