Monday, January 10, 2011

francis bailey

just a quick update while i have a teeny bit of time. am in my hotel room in columbus. i've been in ohio since saturday. i had a midday flight that i, single-handedly, delayed. i kid you not. RIGHT before we start boarding, i started not feeling well. i got on the plane and started doing yoga breaths. then i felt fine. it was a super small puddle-jumper plane with one seat, the aisle and then two seats. i was sitting in the one seat at the exit row. there were probably 20 rows, so about 60-seats on the plane. there were MAYBE 12 people on the flight. as we're pulling away from the gate, i start getting really hot and sweaty and not feeling well at all. the flight attendant goes in to the back to use the restroom and i'm thinking "ok, we're not taking off for a bit." i start feeling worse. and sweaty. i had to take my scarf and sweater off. the flight attendant comes out and i'm like "i'm really really sorry, but i really need to use the bathroom." i think she could see the panic on my face. she calls the front and they pull over on the tarmac. i used the bathroom and then went back to my seat and we took off. no big deal, but i delayed the plane. ha.

anyway, i landed in columbus late (aside from my delay, we had been a half hour late anyway) and jumped in a rental car to drive to my hair appointment. i got my red touched up and then checked in to a hotel, did yoga and met a friend for dinner. uneventful night - went home early and promptly fell asleep. slept in, which was the first time in WEEKS that i was able to do that. got up and headed to cincinnati. since i joined the mfa last fall, i've been trying to go to as many museums that give you reciprocity, and the cincinnati museum of art is on the list. so i drive the 1h45 min south and show up at this museum. i walk in and there are signs everywhere "free admission." and i'm thinking... "ummm... what??" so i talk to this woman who explains its been free admission for about 2.5 yrs since a grant came in from the founder. i was a little annoyed. i thought i was getting something for free. i'm obviously not going to leave, so i walk around. they have a really small, but cool contemporary art area. i really liked that. a lot of the same boring crap - impressionist and stupid portraits of funny looking people. actually, i like impressionist - some of it. same old african masks and egyptian junk. uninteresting. i feel like you've seen one artifact you've seen 'em all. there was a decent cincinnati wing. and ... i think thats about it. oh, the main exhibit right now is wedding dresses. i bet you can guess how interested i was in that. i cruised through that exhibit (which, btw, was FULL of people - like jam packed!) and then headed out. my feet were killing me.
i tried stopping at a resto in my dining program, but, of course, it was closed on sunday. so i hopped in the car and head back to columbus. not a bad drive and i have more to write about that later, but... yeah... thats my trip so far. last night i tried super super hard to watch my brothers game on computer, but it just wasnt happening. my brother homie texted me updates which was AWESOME. like score-by-score updates. thanks, dude. then my friend picked me up and we went to eat. i got home after 10, took a bath, watched sicko (haven't finished yet) and then headed to bed.

oh, one side comment. i'm like 95.43% sure that i ordered waffles for breakfast this morning and they brought me pancakes. i'm really annoyed. they are NOT interchangeable. this means i have no breakfast now. bleh.

[francis bailey is the name of that picture - i mean, seriously. how excited can you get about that??]

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