Saturday, January 8, 2011

things that are making me happy

ok, so before i actually read this article, i thought "genius! of course!" and was really excited. it calls itself the "george clooney effect" and says that as women age (which is what i'm doing, in case you haven't noticed - or wait. am i?? crap.), we prefer older men instead of younger men. which, of course, i was like "yes!" this is EXACTLY why i love keith olbermann! but then i read the article and it says women want someone who can take care of them financially... hmmm.... not sure if thats what i was really thinking. but the whole "confidence to go after powerful men" is a nice idea... i should have a boyfriend. preferably one who is 40 and lives in europe. know anyone?

some other things i'm liking right now:
aw heck, i'll just put in the actual video for you:


  1. That was a cool commercial. Kevin Bacon does play a good 'slimey' version of himself......

  2. i can't stand olbermann after the whole #mooreandme thing.