Thursday, January 20, 2011

slightly freaking out...

this appears to be a thing my body is doing now.... waking up after 4am every day for the past 3 or 4 days. not fun. the first day, i got up, took a shower, and thought i would make it a productive few hours. that was before i fell asleep again. yesterday, i didn't even try doing anything and kept laying in bed doing nothing. i eventually fell asleep despite loads of work to do. today i would like nothing better than to go back to bed, but i actually have a meeting i have to prepare for this morning. and i have a doctors appointment which means i will get to work late and have to figure out where i'm going. ugh. i wish i could cancel, but, of course, its too late. don't they call you to remind you that you have an appointment?? they never did that... i better check my files.

anyway, last night i volunteered at the greater boston food bank. i was in the basement sorting boxes of food. i actually really like that job. its the same one i did when we volunteered last fall, too.

my goal is to leave work early today since i have so much to do. i'd like to be able to do it at home. oh, plus, player is going to be on the radio today. my goal is to get home in time to hear that. that should be fun.

here is my day:
8am - doc appointment
9:30 - expect to be at work
10:30 - meeting
11 - meeting (1 hr)
12 - team lunch
(attempt to travel home)
1:40 - player on radio
3 - meeting

ugh. so much to do. no time. NO TIME!

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