Monday, January 3, 2011


so i'm starting a new series, mostly for myself, but maybe you'll benefit, too. it's called motivation and its because i like things that motivate me. motivation for what? anything. be a better person. eat healthily. recycle. work out. be more green. be nicer. whatever it is. strive to be better. or be motivated to improve. so, in the first part of this series, check out this awesome video:

aren't those girls awesome? it almost makes me want to go jump rope! and it also reminded me of the fm acro team (fargo-moorhead). so i looked them up. they're pretty motivating and just fun to watch. here is a full routine of theirs:

and here is a shorter highlight video they have on their website:

makes me want to have a party and hire them to perform. and makes me wanna go jump on a trampoline.


  1. I've seen those jumping roping girls before. Incredible! Also, I also LOVE the FM Acro Team. I get so excited to watch them. Thanks for posting the videos.