Tuesday, January 4, 2011

things that are making me happy

i'll only post one of the videos on this site, and you can check out this link here for the other video, but when i watched these videos i thought "how fun! wish i had learned about stuff like this in fun ways!" and then "wait. i wish i was this creative!" so this is a teacher who made videos from pop songs to teach her students different topics. here is about the french revolution:

and in other academy-things, here is a video of a professor who did an experiment trying to determine a difference between instant gratification and delayed gratification. its called the marshmallow test and its super cute.

i'm trying to decide if i am an instant-gratifier (that sounds dirty) or delayer... i really want to be delayer. what are you?


  1. Love this video! I am a total delayer - it drives my loved ones crazy. (Must get the work done before we can have fun!!)

  2. so then you'll never feel bad if i do my expense reports before seeing you??