Saturday, January 22, 2011

another saturday night

another saturday night and i ain't got nobody. i got some money 'cause i just got paid. how i wish i had someone to talk to. in an awful way.

yep. here we go again. this is me right now: saturday night. glass of red wine. brothers game on. video sucks so i'm listening. can't really listen well because i dont get it. sausage, brussel sprouts and pesto bread. they just took my brother out of the game but he has no fouls. wth.

had a fabulous day so far. not as quick a worker as i would've liked, but pleased with what i did get done. saw no strings attached at 11. liked it a lot. def related to the female protagonist even though i dont like the actress. went directly to work. was there from 1-7:30. walked home. went to cvs and didn't get anything. came home. and now this. i have soo much to do for work, i am going to be up all night. tomorrow i have to clean my room and meet peeps for brunch and maybe relax if i get all my work done tonight. we'll see. i would love that. mon i head to sac. busy week for me. ugh.

ugh. stupid turnover. but we got it back.

my brother homie and i are watching the game online. err... listening. the "watching" part is totally stupid. pennatlantic is showing the game super far behind. if showing at all.

homie called that we have to drink whenever player scores. i was like "wait! can we drink in between, too?" and he replied "duh. what if he has an off night??" so... thats going on.

one of the main articles on the ncaa website was about our big win last weekend against the #10 team. (the game where i fell asleep) this is a link for your enjoyment. eek. players' first foul.

ok, so its half time. we're ahead by 9. that's decent. i'd prefer more. but yeah. so i'm going to post this because i'm boring lately and don't have much to talk about. what do you have to say??

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  1. hi danielle, I hope your Sunday is a little more restful, you need to slow down, girl.
    Love you!!