Monday, January 24, 2011

the heart of rock and roll

they say the heart of rock and roll is still beating

yep, thats right. i'm on a flight right now listening to huey lewis. i LOVE him. ha. gotta love that 80s saxophone.

so i'm traveling for work this week. i decided to take a monday morning flight instead of a sunday night flight because i am sick of giving up my weekends for the job. and of course it turns out that all monday flights are full of business travelers. this morning going through security - i am always glad to go through the priority line because you dont have to wait behind families and all the people in the priority/first class line know how to go through security (just like in that george clooney movie). it wasn't until i was waiting to go through security that i realized there were no people in the "regular" line. the business line was full! second evidence of business travelers is this: last fall i was starting to get upgraded a lot. this morning, i walk to the gate and look to see if i might get upgraded. on my first flight, i was #15 on the upgrade list (out of 20). on my second flight i was NUMBER FIFTY-TWO. that means at least a third of the people on the flight are highfalutin business travelers and i am just a measly traveler. i think there were 60 or 70 people on that list. so, anyway, got knocked down a bit (heaven forbid i get too big for my britches!)

ok, i'm getting sick of the guy next to me. he's not even a big guy, but he keeps elbowing me in my side. you're supposed to SHARE the arm rest and preferably NOT TOUCH your neighbors. annoying. grrrr...

ok, now that was just a major jab. what is the etiquette for this sort of thing? do i say something to him? do it back to him? i dont get it. he fits into the seat easily. its almost as if he's forcing his arms over to use the armrest. ugh. now i'm annoyed. and i have a headache. but that is because of my roommate. he made me strong (yet delicious!) drinks last night. grr to him! :) i was supposed to get a lot of stuff done for work and ended up not getting anything done. i had to wake up at 3am to pack for my trip, but i slept until 4 and then rushed (which i am getting really good at!) and made it to the airport on time.


  1. I saw Huey Lewis in 1984 at the ND State Fair. It was awesome! An oversold show of some 17,000 souls, it was a little scary how crowded it was. The word on the street was that it was the largest gathering of humanity ever witnessed in the state (to that date anyway). So much fun! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. that's awesome. i've had a crush on huey lewis since i was like 5.