Thursday, January 27, 2011

things that are making me happy

when i was home for christmas this past month, i took my grandma home from an event. i was in my dad's suv and she wasn't able to get into it really. normally, she just falls into a car. she turns so her butt is in the doorway of the car and then allows herself to fall. then she, somehow, maneuvers into the car. with the suv, since she wasn't able to fall UP into the car, she ended up laying almost completely horizontally. it was hilarious. and i couldn't help her. i tried, but she kept telling me she was fine. maybe she wanted a nap. anyway, this new product might not help in suv's, but it should certainly help for all other reasons. i wish i had thought of it!

[its obvious i'm kidding, right??]


  1. When that time comes, maybe you'll lend me yours?

  2. I LOVE infomercials and these TV junkstore ads. Love them! Unfortunately, I haven't had TV in awhile so I've missed them. This is beyond precious!