Sunday, January 16, 2011

live-blogging the umary game - part 2

oops. game started again. almost missed it. i'm tired. and halftime was really quick. foul #2 on player. not good. they can happen fast. 33-49. 18:37 left in the game.

player just had the ball and passed it to willy. willy passed it to someone else. shot clock is 5. player got an easy 2. signature fadeaway. why are people less interested now? and why hasn't homie responded?

someone else just scored. i missed it. 36-51. 17:28 left. so i never know what way to set up for when the ball is coming in. how do you know if you should be in one line or spread out? and do you have to freeze like simon says or can you be moving when the whistle blows?

yellow just keeps missing shots. i hope that stays the same. knock on head. 36-53. player just spun but was unable to bank it in.

anotehter thing i dont get is how men are able to remember games so well. i thik this guy just head-butted my brother but there was no call. so yeah. i feel like player has played hundreds of games in his career and i bet he could say "oh yeah, thats when...." and i'm like "hmmm... what color were the jerseys?" player just shot again. and scooooored. woo hoo. not ajump ball. 36-55. 15:36 min left. long timeout. the commercial on the radio is with my 8th grade government teacher.

oh wow! for once, the radio is ahead of the internt. by at least a minute. crazy. oh wait. no, they're always ahead. i have to mute it.

36-59. biggest lead continues to grow.

39-59. i'm tired.

39-61. clutch shot for the other team. 41-61.

when you're shooting free-throws. can you stand there for as long as you want? would it be in your best interest to stand there and catch your breath? or are you just hoping the game will be over soon?

timeout for mary which is good bcs the dude was TOTALLY STUCK. double-teamed.

player just had an AWESOME block. and then he got the ball in a different way. thats awesome. good game. 13:14 min left. only the 2nd turnover. limiting minnesota state to the fewest possessions possible. umary was one of the best teams last year in turnovers. (jas in, not a lot)

43-62 with ... some time left. its a replay so i can't tell. 12:50. umary without a center. moody just shot an awesome three. i think player had the assist. is there over and back in college basketball? 43-65. like where you can't cross the midcenter line and then go back? something like that...

the just recapped and player has 14 pts. woo hoo.

same score.

oops. 47-68. 10:37 left.

something happened that i dont understand. coach looked upset.

ok. i forgot to type. they just replayed a ... something under the basket where a few players fell. i still couldn't tell what happened.

we have a few ppl almost in foul trouble, so thats troubling. get it? trouble is troubling.

why is being the pt guard and the 2nd leading rebounder so surprising? theres something about that that i dont know. apparently the yellow team isn't interested in playing defense. doesnt bother mer! 50-71 with 9:09 left. we just shot an in-and-out. those suck. what i like about basketball is its technically all angles and velocity and whatnot. mathematics. i dont know the math, but its there.

55-74. im almsto falling asleep. 5min left in the game. it would really suck if we lost this game at this point. its 11pm. my bedtime. 16-pt lead at the half. if marauders winthis game tonight, they'll have won 7 of the last 8 games and the one game they lost, they lost by 1 pt. i missed something - the crowd just went wild. oh wow! they're cheering "ov-er ra-ted!" ouch. i would feel bad if someone were chanting that about me.

2:34 left. 59-82. mary is bringing in 2nd string. ist hat what they're called?

oh wow. cam lee has a pretty bad twisted ankle. they just showed player - hes on teh bench because we're so far ahead. i wonder what happened to the other team tonight. we're probably also just underrated.

half a minute to go. the marauders will take down the #1 team in the conference.

69-84 is the final score. woo hoo. is player limping? i hope not. i would not be very happy about that. oh the coach went around and shook his own players hands. that was nice.

not quite as long this post. thats probably good. i just can't keep up. i feel like i'm grandma or something.

the funny thing about this broadcast is that you keep hearing the announcer or something. ok. i think it might be over. i just heard a guy say "are we gonna try and pump out the stats?" WHILE the stats are on teh screen being updated.

ok, well they just shut off the video and the espn radio isnt up, so i guess i'll shut 'er down. congrats player!


  1. you get ten seconds to shoot a free throw. yes there is over and back.

  2. More importantly Player had 14 points and 10 rebounds. d -- do you know what that is called?