Saturday, January 15, 2011

live-blogging the umary game - part 1

eric just scored the first point for his team! am watching player's game tonight and i've decided to "live blog" the game. its 18:21 left and i just decided this. i'm hoping it will help me follow the game better. i got home a little after 9.

crap. player just got his first foul. NOT GOOD. during chalk talk (which, yes, i watched), coach herbst said that is one of the keys to the game - making sure they don't get to the foul line because they score more free throws than most teams get to the line. and players been sitting on the bench a lot bcs of foul trouble. so thats not cool. the dude hit one free throw. oh. player just hit a fadeaway. i now know what they are. wait. he didn't make it. so it was an attempt at a fadeaway.

anyway, got home a little after 9. was at a friends birhtday. i only stayed for drinks because of this game. i'm glad that the woman's game ran long. it allowed me to watch the pre-game of this game. thats cool. oooo close up on player taking the ball out. #32. woo hoo. moody just scored. 32nd 3 pointer of the year.

the game is being broadcast on - hey! the score is wrong! oof dah. they had 6-2 when it should be 3-5. they fixed it. i'm paying attention. anwyay, the game is being broadcast on nbc in north dakota. i hope a lot of ppl are watching. my cousin amanda is having people at her house watching it outside of why-not minot. thats pretty cool. homie is at the game and i am really glad about that. crap! the game just froze right after player scored. and theyw ere talking about him. NTO PLEASED. i have to go fix this.

ugh. so annoying. i missed like 2 minutes of the game. i had to refresh. i'm watching the game on my work computer (a PC) and typing on my macbook. what was i saying? oh yes. homie is at the game (as are my parents, of course, who are always there) and @hassie is with him, too. i gave hassie a hug from afar. he appreciated it. so there is a commercial break so i hope i'll know when the game has restarted. the screen is black right now.



oh ok. its coming back. guys with blue body paint on. i can see them.

ok. game's back on. i had to open the window. its mad hot in here.

13:50 left in the first half and the score is 10-12 mary. is that how you say the games? ji mean scores. i've had a glass of wine. now 10-15 mary. for some reason, msu is shown first on the screen, so thats what i keep looking at. this is a pretty fast-paced game. player takes the ball out and he doesn't pause while he's out of bounds. ooo. replay. willy just hit a 3pointer. score is now 10-18. they called a timeout bcs mary is on a roll. they should've let them open up a bit more. player is #8 of all-time scorers at mary. he has scored over 1400 pts in his college career - congrats! that was awesome.

some dude in yellow (the other team - LAME color!) just FLEW through the air. white man can jump. sometimes the game is faster than i can type. and i'm not looking at the keys, so not really sure whats going on. (with the yping, that is). ooo. an almost travel during the last bit. the yellow team looks short but i think its just because their shorts are so long. i dont like it. player has the ball. 11 minutes left. willy just scored. if player throws to someone who throws to the person who passes - does player get an assist? he assisted the person who assisted the scorer. i think that should count as an assist. he's obviously sharing the ball. ooo. yellow team just threw the ball out. under the 11 min mark, idiot. the dude just said "under the 12-minute mark." another timeout. i can catch up.

so mary is in orange and blue. i was kind of not in love with their colors, but now they have grown on me. they look really sharp against a white shirt. and they didnt look bad against a gray sweatshirt that i used to own. my mother lost it in florida a few months ago so i no longer own it. i guess i shouldn't be upset since she probably bought it for me. ok, close up on some girl at the game. and some other people in the crowd. show my family!!

ok, can't tell you the time - its not on the screen. come on, nbc. ok, 10:48 left and the score is 14-21 mary. moody just had an awesome steal and then a foul. he's super quick. i bet i could guard him. i'm totally sure. he's from wisconsin by way of devils lake. he just scored. 14-22. i'll always put mary's score 2nd just so you know. yellow team keeps hitting the rim (and not going in). thats good for us. i bet that would suck to shoot a lot and not make them. thats why i dont play. player just scored! woo hoo! he's so cute. 6 points he has. something called a head-fake. not quite sure when he's going to shoot it the dudes on tv are saying. i always know when he's gonna shoot it. call it sibling intuition.

wow. this is long. people are going to be annoyed.

oo. mary missed. got a rebound and just made it! woo hoo. my computer can hardly keep up with my fast fingers. the good thing about this is that my hands are not free to lift wine glasses to my mouth. i'll probably actually be sober by the end of this game!

something about someone's versatility.. not really sure who they're talking about.

game is slowing down. we're only ahead by 10. i prefer 20+. oh, in case i didnt tell anyone - this is a big game. the yellow team is #1 in our conference and #10 in the nation. they're throwing the ball a lot. trying to take up time. wear our team down. set up plays. they just hit a three pointer. 19-26. i like the sound of shoes on a basketball court. i wonder what a basketball court is made of. the floor that is. not really interested in the brick and mortar. moody just stole and missed an assist. crappy. taking a break. mary is up again by 10. oh. eric was out. i missed that. when did he get benched? and why? to rest? how many fouls does he have. man, i suck at paying attention to this.

another commercial break. biggest lead for us has been 12 but is now 10. 19-29. yellow has the ball. some dde was open. an offensive foul. thats good since we were defense. da fence. nw tire replay. i want some arm warmers. mason guarding my brother. not sure who that is. i bet its the guy stalking my brother on the court.

oh wow. total air ball. maybe not because the shot clock restarted. 6:45 left in the game. this might be a 2-parter because its gettin loong.

player missed a fadeaway. is that one word?

hmm... an interesting story about some D1 players on the msu team for the first part of the year and they were "pushed out" the door... wonder what happened there!

yellow team gets a free throw. miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssss. crap. he made it. he wouldn't have if he had heard me. just made the 2nd as well.

holy crap! moody just had a great 3! that was really good. i'm not kidding when i say the score said 232. that would've been awesome. it is only 32. too bad. 21-32. player is the leading rebounder. i like that. especially since they practically didnt know what rebounding was last year. moody just hit another. 19 pts. 21-35.

lee is coming out with 2 fouls. who is going in?

willy just scored! 22-38. 4min left.

ummmmm. lots of stuff just happened. too fast. can't keep up.

dude! the dude just fouled my brother! he fell to the ground!!! NOT PLEASED. don't push my brother around.

a break. i need some wine.

phew. this is tough work! moody just scored again. 22-40 with 3:28 left in the first half. they just need to score 2 more pts and i'll fell slightly safer. then they should have a goal of being ahead by 30. i feel like this geam will come out fighting after the half. not liking that. just texting homie that i was live bloggina nd he said "this is awesome." i'm still nervous. they should get ahead a LOT.

25-40. thanks to free throws. player just got fouled again. the dude should've just let him shoot. might-should've been an offensive foul, but i dont mind that the other dude got it. 76% he makes it. player just missed a free throw. he normally gets those. 27-41. we haven't scored in a while. just missed another shot.

"[player] close to picking up his 2nd foul."

you know what i wonder about people who play sports? if they care about getting dirty. i think they probably don't. you get sweaty and sticky and you share a ball with people without washing the ball or your hands in between. i think there is a reason i dont play sports.

the yellow team is the highest scoring team in teh conference. says mary is playing well defensively. 27-43. i'm quite pleased player hasn't gotten a 2nd foul. he just got benched. to protect him? hmm... not sure how i feel about that. i guess he could have a break. someone should give him a quick shoulder massage. another point for us. 27-46. they're running the clock down.

de-fense. de-fense. de-fense. 3 seconds left and a foul. offensive put-back. obviously i have no idea what these things mean. i'm just retyping what the dudes on the internet tv are saying.

woo. just tried for a decent 3pointer. missed it. thats the end of the half. 30-46 at the half. decent, but still slightly nervous. can't hear the interview. just turned on jack on espn radio and its a commercial. interested to see what he says. oh! i see homie! and hassie! they were on tv. standing in the stands behind the coach who was being interviewed. i texted him to wave, but he didnt get it, i guess. crappy.

ok, just pulled up jack again. let's see what he says. wait. is this mankato or msu? oh. not moorhead state. hmm... ha ha. ok, they're talking about mary women, so i'm going to post this and will post part 2 later... who will win??????
oh, quickly... not sure how long it will be up, but if you click on this link - its a pic of player shooting and homie and hassie and mama bear are in the background!


  1. In hockey you get an assist if you assist the assister. Hockey is stupid. Basketball makes sense.

  2. Washing your hands and the ball between plays doesn't make for good flow in the game... :)