Monday, November 28, 2011

perfect baby

so yes... that is a picture of a baby. or ha. soon-to-be baby. let me not mix my beliefs. anyway, don't worry! it's not MY baby. but it will be a baby in my family. thats right... i'm going to be an aunt! (i HATE when people say AUNTIE. ugh) and let me be clear, too... this is not player and some baby-mamas baby. this is homie and his wife's babe. totally legitimate child! :)

so i found out a few weeks ago. i'm happy for them, but i'm sure my reaction has been less than what they would like. i'll admit it: i'm slightly worried. or, i WAS slightly worried. less so now. i'm worried because it just seems so soon. and i feel like everyone should do it how i would do it, wait YEARS before having a kid. but i'm getting over that - i GUESS people actually WANT to have kids. new concept for me. (ha!:)) and i'm worried about money for them. but i have talked to people, notably k, who pointed out that it was better for her having kids when she was younger and without as much money as one would like to have. now her kids are out of the house and she has plenty of money. she said you really only need money when the kid gets to school and wants to do things (gymnastics, band, etc) anyway. so thats good.

and then there is my main worry - i INSTANTLY felt guilty for not living closer to home. now i'm going to have to go home more often because, let's face it - the kid is going to LOVE me. but once its a kid. i have little use for babies. and i have nothing to offer them, either. i'm sure they'd just look at me like "what do YOU want??"

i told that i was hoping the baby was born a month early so we could have the same birthday. then the baby could grow up to be JUST LIKE ME! how fun would that be??

anyway, because of the impending baby, i am starting a new segment called perfect baby. i told homie and his wife that they will have to get used to it - i'm going to send them all sorts of articles and pictures and videos of how to raise the perfect child. i cant NOT do it. so soon...

until then. what do you think of me becoming an aunt??


  1. I love being an aunt but am with you on the "auntie" label. In fact, I actually don't even like the word "aunt" and would rather just be called Kelly. I love the word uncle though. Weird.
    Congratulations to Jon and Lindsay and congratulations to that baby on getting you as their aunt!

  2. autie? Dad probably said that so you wouldn't get annoyed with him for saying auntie.

    this came up in my google+ stream.... what do you think?

  3. I am super excited for you! Finally, somebody else adding to the family. I can't do it all you know. :)