Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lick it up, baby. lick. it. up.

this title (i'll tell you BEFORE you get to the end! how fun is that??) is because i watched heathers last week and it

its so funny how you forget how good a movie is until you re-watch it... like 10 years later. i own a ton of movies and i dont really re-watch things. (i know, i know. sounds silly. i have no idea why i own so many movies i dont watch or so many books i dont read. compulsive owner or something??) anyway, because i havent re-watched many of my movies i'm trying to do it so the purchases weren't in vain. i re-watched stand by me last summer and it was great. i think i was in the process of watching miami vice the movie and then had to stop and havent finished it... (why does no one like the movie?? i LOVE it) the other night, i started watching arrested development while i was getting some stuff done. it is so funny. and who the hell has my oz season 1??

so this will be a quick ramble because i have to get to work. i took monday off (wasn't feeling well because i donated platelets on sunday and then promptly went and had lots of alcohol and used my last vaca day of the year) and got some stuff done for work. yesterday i was at work from 8:15am until 10pm. TEN PM. ugh. i was sooooooo upset with 1) two particular issues at work and then 2) the fact that i needed to print 10 copies of a 40 page document for a class i am teaching (kind of - but how cool is that??) and my computer just detached itself from the printer server so i couldnt print. a;oceiw;aofmecoqunwwfo; i was so emotionally exhausted last night. i took a cab home, didnt have a single bite to eat or glass of wine and then watched the new girl and went to bed. while i was in bed i got a funny call from overseas - more on that later. i slept soundly until i awoke before my alarm this morning. i will finish this and then head to work to make sure i can leave by 5pm because...
i am going to a concert tonight!!!

woo hoo! i am sooo excited!! i can not wait! i haven't been to a concert in soo long. for some reason, i am not the friend others think of when they want to go to a concert (sad) and i am not on facebook so i dont know when concerts are coming to boston (stupid). (apparently this is how people know what to buy tickets for...? how else can i do it???)

so here is the group i am going to see tonight at the house of blues

oomygosh. i have not seen that video. its so fun! it makes me like the band even more. AND i totally want to be a dancer. those moves were not hard. i could've totally done those.


  1. Boom! I don't. Danielle, you're a book and movie HOARDER. That's what it's called... hoarding. Don't worry it runs in the family and I'm sure you'll get over it when you're 65.

  2. I know who has your OZ dvd. It's Lindsay.