Thursday, December 1, 2011


even though it was just a week ago, i feel like people have already forgotten about thanksgiving. but they shouldn't! this was the first year i have actually really ENJOYED a proper thanksgiving dinner. i can't remember the last time i went home for it (i dont think i ever have, in fact). one year, i was in sacramento alone and i drank a magnum of bubbly by myself. the year after, hoping to not repeat the fiasco, i had my brother homie come visit me. he landed on thanksgiving day and we went to dennys. it was the only thing that was open and as pathetic as it sounds. kinda fun. but sad. really sad.

this year, 2011, higgi made a FANTASTIC spread. i can't even begin to explain all the different food we had. oh, i guess i'll try. turkey (rubbed in butter and bacon fat), cranberries, gravy, so those are the usuals. oh, but we started with a curried butternut squash soup. salad with asparagus and parmesan cheese. then the sides - cauliflower with pine nuts and golden raisins. brussel sprouts and bacon. twice-baked sweet potatoes with pecans. french green beans with almonds (not! walnuts), some sort of tarte tafan (i have NO IDEA what he's saying when he says it) that had potatoes and baked brie. veggie lasagna. there were some other things, as well. i didnt take a picture of the food, but did of the table (which i set!).

equally important to the delicious food was the alcohol....

and then mr. crazy made a kazillion desserts...

it was an AWESOME day.


  1. We had a good time as well. We played the game of things.

  2. :D So happy that you enjoyed the holiday - I was so happy that you were here to be a part of it - and you did a great job setting the table!

  3. that Higgi is something else, eh?
    Nice job.

  4. Wowsers. That was quite a spread! Higi -- how many days ahead did you begin cooking!