Saturday, November 19, 2011

things that are making me happy

so i found this on the hairpin and i sent it to player because we both like to watch dance things. its pretty good. it makes me want to dance. and i like the title of the hairpin piece "

Is the Purpose of Human Life Synchronized Dance?" funny.

i'm pretty sure the point of life is NOT to spend all weekend taking and studying for exams which is what i am doing this weekend. i am NOT looking forward to it. in fact, i'm about ready to shoot my head off. what did i get myself into??

in any case, i wanted to point something out in the video. i'm not sure where this is - korea? china? i feel like its not japan. i am guessing korea. anyway, notice that no one ever claps?? isn't that cute?


  1. that's pretty sweet. best part comes at the 4:35 mark. Jimmy Buffett stars on Hawaii Five-O tomorrow night, set your DVRs! Think.... Hoot!

  2. of the all time best movies!!