Tuesday, July 5, 2011

epilepsy is dancing

oops! i let the long weekend get away from me without posting anything. sorry. and now i feel badly about that. i had SO MUCH to do last weekend and didnt get anything important done. i feel like a failure. ugh. BUT i did have a pretty good weekend. i went to a brunch on saturday. that was fun. then we went home and had drinks. i went to my room to take a nap and that was kind of the end of my saturday (which was fine). sunday, i went to quincy with the roommate to get some furniture for our place. then i played tennis and went to brunch. i also went to yoga which was great. yesterday, i went for a bikeride and stopped at some friends' house. then we had kc over to watch a movie, which we didnt get to. we went to eat at franklin cafe, instead. it was good. i did not finish my expense reports, make a study schedule, create a budget, finish a book i'm reading, etc. so now i feel badly about all that. and its starting to be super hot. i hate hot. bleh.

tonight we have a *fingers crossed* softball game. we have been rained out 4 times, had to forfeit once because we didnt have enough players, and one time we didnt realize until the day of our game that we didnt have a game. so, yes, this is the middle of the summer almost and our first game. i'm sure we're going to suck. ha! AND they've put me at catcher. i'm going to have sore thighs in the morning AND be grumpy because of all the heat. AND it means i can't go to yoga tonight, which i'm kind of annoyed about. grr. i also have to pick up the farm share today during lunch which means that after the game, i will have to come to work to pick it up because i can't very well bring half a dozen of eggs out in 80 degree weather. stupid summer heat.

wow. i wasn't even planning on complaining today! i'm in a grumpy mood because of some stuff at home. i should probably deal with it, but ... bleh. oh, and i have to find time to hang out with my little. i'm pretty sure she isn't going to call me. hmmm...

IN HAPPY NEWS! the local paper finally (?) recognized my brothers wedding. i have no idea why they are publishing it NOW, but - congrats! its offical! they're marrieded.

Published July 03, 2011, 12:00 AM
Lindsay Lutovsky and Jon Erdmann were married Oct. 2, 2010, at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Fargo.

Parents are Scott and Peggy Lutovsky, Voss, N.D.; and Tom and Renae
Erdmann, Fargo.

Attendants were Whitney Lutovsky, Chelsey Lut­ovsky,
Adam Hass, Matt Charpentier and Joe Riley, all Fargo; Jaime Hoenke, Nash, N.D.;
Kailey Restad, Grand Forks; Danielle Erdmann, Boston; Eric Erdmann, Bismarck;
and Taylor Lutovsky, Voss.

Lindsay graduated in 2003 from Minto (N.D.)
High School and in 2010 graduated from North Dakota State University with a
master’s degree in community counseling.

Jon graduated in 2002 from
Fargo North High School and in 2008 graduated from NDSU with a bachelor’s degree
in management information systems.

The couple will make their home in
Fargo, where Lindsey is a needs assessment counselor at Prairie St. John’s and
Jon is an information technology specialist with Vision Bank.

ooo... bad editor - i just noticed they speeled lindsay's name wrong the last time. thats stoopid.

[song by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. cause i'm listening to them now.]