Thursday, June 30, 2011

night sigh

i'm feeling slightly anxious about today. i have planned to take a half day at work to take my little sister to the farm to pick strawberries. she has cancelled on me at least twice for this event - one time she had a birthday party to go to and another time she didn't know when she was graduating from 5th grade. i can't really fault her, she's 11 years old, but it is frustrating trying to coordinate with a young kid. typically, the big sister program tells big sisters to coordinate with the parents, but they have told me to plan things directly with my little. and there are ALWAYS complications: she forgets to call me back, her sister has her phone, and the new one from last night - her mom tells her she MUST bring her niece with us or she can't go. what am i supposed to do in that situation? i feel very much like a babysitter and thats not what this is supposed to be. i dont want to punish my little and say "well, then i guess we can't go." so now i'm taking my little and her 10 year old niece to the farm. this whole thing seems ridiculous and its stressing me out. i have to call the association and ask them to speak with the parents about bringing along a friend. sigh. there is actually a lot more going on, as well but i cant be bothered to write about it now. i just want to go to sleep and wake up and have no obligations. can i do that?? and i never have any time to get anything i need to get done. i need to have better time management and also not commit to so many things. i don't actually LIKE being gone / busy every evening. i would much prefer to veg. sigh.

after going to the farm today, which i am now dreading and did not want to dread, of course, i am going to play tennis with a friend. we have a date next week to play with this couple we met at our tennis classes 3 months ago. we have yet to play with them, and i really want to practice beforehand. i actually like playing tennis, so it should be fun. but it is another thing that is keeping me from all the other things i want to do. double sigh.

i feel whiny and i'm not trying to be. i'm going to end on a positive note. this is a video that is super cute.

from here.

[song by air. i was looking for a song with the word "sigh" in it. this is what i found.]

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  1. That totally stinks about your lil. Did you get stuck with a difficult one? Why did they want you to coordinate with an 11 yr old?