Wednesday, June 29, 2011


eyeyeyeya. how do you spell that? hmmm... anyway, today is an interesting day. i will get really happy / excited about something and then... boom. the exact opposite. bleh. blah. blebity bleh blah.

soo... yesterday i went to donate blood. all was fine. i have not (unfortunately) been in europe for more than 5 years since 1996. i have not had a tattoo in the past 12 months. i have not had sex with a man who has had sex with a man who has had sex with a donkey in the past 12 month. i have not had a piercing or blood transfusion or been recently preganant. i am good to go. oh, i should preface this by saying that, in case i havent said it before, i have super special blood (as if you couldn't guess!). i am o negative, which is the universal donor (crappy for me i can only take o neg!) AND i have some sort of special thing in my blood that this woman at a blood bank once told me "ohhh you have such-and-such. that is REALLY important because we can only give blood with such-and-such in it to babies and burn victims." i felt really special. anyway, i looked that up and i think i am cmv negative. i think thats what it is. all y'all have the herps, but i dont. :) look it up.

so back to the story: i got an email saying the american red cross was super low on blood and urgently needed some. i have blood so i called up. i went to my appointment and went through all the motions - i clearly weigh more than 110 pounds, am of fine height and my iron levels were 12.8 which was decently high. i answered the questions on the computer (see above) and was sitting there waiting for someone to come back and put me on a bed. a new woman came over to me and asked what blood type i was. i said "o negative with the thing for babies." she suddenly got really happy "oh negative??! would you like to give a double??" i was happy to oblige. "sure." so she calls some dude over and is super excited. since i gave plasma as a part-time gig a few years ago, i know that having MORE of one person's blood is super lucrative. and then she sees my iron levels. 12.8. the hematacrit needed to be 13.3 for a double. she was so sad. i felt bad making her sad so i said "do you want me to come back later this week? i'm sure its just down today. i can make a new appointment." and she got super excited again! sooo... now i have an appointment FOR an actual double on friday. and i have to jack my iron up before then so after work yesterday i stopped at gnc to get some iron pills. i also stopped at the grocery to get some deli meat. turns out most deli meat is pork, which, since its not red meat, i'm not sure how much protein/iron is in it. so i got roast beef instead. i also picked up 3 oranges to eat with my roast beef (vitamin c helps the body absorb iron). oh, ALSO, yesterday was tuesday so we got our farm share. i now have TONS of leafy green veggies which is also high in iron. this morning i had an egg and an orange for breakfast. then i made a salad for lunch with leafy green lettuce, roast beef and onions (i didnt have red peppers). oh crap. do i have vitamin c to eat with the lunch?? crap. now i have to go find some. why is this important you ask? because the blood bank is worried about not having enough blood in time for the 4th of july weekend. i, singlehandedly, will save new england's blood supply. mwahahahahaha. i wish. but seriously, it seems important and i shall sacrafice my body for it. i might kill myself with iron overload, but gosh darnit! people will be living because of me!

tonight i'm having some peeps over to play ticket to ride. i LOVE board games. woo hoo. last night i went to a yoga class which was only mildly embarrassing. the instructor had us pair up with people, then do HANDSTANDS. not even HEADstands. HANDstands. it was super scary. i couldnt get up, so the instructor had to come over and help me and while she is holding my legs up she says "what are you afraid of?" and i said "falling on my head and breaking my neck!" which is true. but i did it. with help. but i did it. i should practice on my own. ha. like i'm gonna do that.

ok, back to the grind.

[garbage song. because.]


  1. This whole post made me laugh. Especially the handstand part!
    Good for you for being so generous with your blood. I hope the dietary and beverage restrictions work and are worth it. By the way, peanuts and peanut butter are excellent sources of protein.

  2. you are a hero and will save the world!