Tuesday, June 28, 2011

why not, minot?

things are pretty serious in minot. (pronounced "my-not" not "min-aught") i haven't even paid as much attention in the past few days, but i have been collecting articles about the flood for the past week and figured i would post them here for you.

link to minot daily news website

article about evacuees looking for a place to stay

rains from last week hurting flooding

if you'd like to check out live coverage, check out this link

this is a slightly dated photo now, but this was after just the first news of flooding

here are some incredible pictures of the floods in the region

josh duhammel, local celebrity, asks everyone for help on ET

article from last friday about waiting

another article about flood levels rising

here is an article about preparing for whats next

finally, an article about the flood moving into canada

and here is a video about the people in minot:

from here in case that video doesn't work.

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