Thursday, July 7, 2011

de rien

its 450 am. i have been up for a few hours now - unable to sleep. my goal is to put the computer away at 5 and attempt to get 2 hours of sleep. i have tennis tonight so i need to be in better form. sigh. why can't i sleep?? i think its the heat. even though the fan is pointed DIRECTLY on me, i keep waking up and its not pleasing to me. grr. this is the 3rd night in a row or something. maybe i'll take friday off so i can sleep in and get some stuff done. i have to finish a book by saturday. and i have yet to do the stupid expense reports. that frustrates me. at about 330 this morning i thought of showering and taking a cab to the office, but then i remembered that they shut off the AC during the night and our building gets super hot. that would have put me in a worse mood, so i decided to hang out here listening to music and willing myself back to sleep. sigh.

so last night went to kc and the sunshine band's condo to watch one of my favorite movies - gloomy sunday. check it out if you want. its quite good.

i think i was going to write about something else, but now i can't remember.

so i haven't been following the minot flood recovery. i have no idea where the water level is, but apparently its gone down quite a bit because i know people who are going to help with the cleanup. it seems odd because half the city was destroyed and the other half is still working and (mostly) functional. bizarre. here is a story about how there was already a housing crisis in north dakota (minot, specifically but all over western nodak). is the only thing i've seen about the flood recently.

ok, its 5 so i have to go to bed. i can't figure out how to embed, so check this link out. i love wipeout. i saw this episode - it was totally crazy when the girl on the yellow thing held on with her legs - wild!

[listening to beltuner]


  1. every time i see that show is on i don't feel like watching but every time i do, it's hilarious!

  2. Good fun last night and a great movie!
    Minot ... sigh ... am trying to work out when I can go and be of most help to brother, in laws et al.
    I read yesterday that the Tide Truck is going to be there for a week beginning next Friday - doing laundry for free! They are looking for workers ($15/hour) to wash and fold. I think it'd be fun to do with a friend (hint) but also think I could be of better help elsewhere.

    (remind me to tell you my sure-fire method for getting to sleep when I'm restless)
    Wishing you lots of zzzzzzzzs for tonight.