Friday, July 8, 2011

Baingan Bhartha

guten moooooorgen.

i'm at work already. been here since 730 so THERE. HA! i came in early because i really really must absolutely do some expense reports. i did one quick one yesterday and that felt good. i need to do about 8 other ones, at least. and i have to get them to our accountant dude soon because the turnaround.... well, its not so fast and i am gone in a week. so that is my main goal for today and this weekend. other than that, i have a ton of cards i need to send (if you're so lucky you may just get one!) and i need to put a study schedule together. tonight i am going to go to a bollywood dance class. my friend, lisa, didn't know what bollywood dance was, so i am going to look for a video of it. i know my brother homie knows! he and his friends bonded with my roommate freshman year of college over it. they came to visit in boston and danced bye, bye, bye for her and then she showed them the bollywood video and they practiced that, too! ohhh, who is that funny bollywood guy?? i'm gonna have to find that, too now. grr. (happy grr)

so here is the first bollywood video i could find:

basically, all bollywood movies are the same - boy falls in love with girl (or vice versa) but something is keeping them apart (usually parents or social status - darn!) and then they dance men vs. women and get together in the end. if you've seen slumdog millionaire they do a bollywood dance at the end. and that is the class i am going to go to tonight (if i actually go - its supposed to rain and i hate the rain. i'm afraid i'll melt. so i might just go home. OR i might stay late and finish expense reports! mwahahahahahahahaha!!!)

anyway, also this weekend i have another laser hair removal appointment. which means i have to get a rental car (zip car), BUT i havent ordered that yet because i am not sure if i am going to see my little or not. we have kind of been playing phone tag. sunday night i have a cool yoga class and thats about all i have planned for the weekend.

what are your plans?

oh, also, here is a cute video that a enjoyed.

h/t here.

oh! i also forgot. last night lisa and i played tennis at a country club - movin up in the world, people!! - and then went to eat at the franklin cafe. omgosh. tennis is SO FUN. it was AWESOME. we play against this couple who seem really cool. and they are beginners like us. the husband is slightly better - he's moved on to the "intermediate" class, while we're still very beginners, BUT we all kind of suck, which makes it so fun! it was really cool. i enjoyed it a lot. i was just emailing mother hen and saying how i might bring my tennis racket next time im in fargo so i can

or maybe play when they're in boston. oooo. that would be REALLY cool. what sayst you??

[no song title for today - its actually the name of an eggplant dish at my favorite indian restaurant. but say it. it sounds awesome. say it with an indian accent.

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  1. beat b-b-b-beat? beat b-b-b-beat your brothers?

    good luck!