Saturday, July 16, 2011

this little piggy

super super quick note for today. i'm off to the races. gonna hit up a class or two and then head to the office because i am muyi wait. how do you spell that? very behind. i have about 4 major projects i have to do. i might ride my bike there. that would be fun. anyway, then i have to come home, finish laundry, pack, and relax before my big week away. eek. i'm leaving, on a jet plane, yet i do know when i'll be back again (friday). i'm heading to sac (and then napa, of course!) and then san diego. i should get a lot of stuff done tomorrow. that will be good. i LOVE being productive.

until then, this is a really cool video. i love cw.

h/t here. wait. is that a hat tip if i just took it? hmm... maybe i should rethink this.

oh, also, went to tennis on thursday and it was
then we went to bettys wok and noodle afterwards for some grub. we had a scorpion bowl (bubby and i) but i dont think there was much alcohol in it. i got home and headed to bed. good day!

last night i took my little to the museum of science. boy, that was tough. not because of her actually. i guess i'll have to explain later because i ahve to go.

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