Thursday, July 21, 2011

you can leave your hat on

this trip has been sooo incredibly bizarre and fun all at the same time. and i'm majorly racking up the air miles and hotel points and whats better than that??

so... what can i say? there is a lot going on that is just... too much. craziness. BUT i have also had a really great trip. i went to napa, which, actually, now that i think about it, was kind of a let down. i didn't get to go to any other winery aside from mumm and i didn't get to cruise all the way home because other drivers are... not me. and i was at mumm late and they didn't serve me right away. and i then this big group came in and they were annoying. but i picked up 18 bottles of bubbly, so that was good. that evening, i took two peeps out for dinner at my favorite sushi place and that was good. then we went to this bar to have a higginson and they made it wrong (used lime instead of lemon) and that ruined the whole flavor and we couldnt taste the st. germain. iw as trying to impress people and it falled flat. so that kind fo sucked. work on mon was fine and then i headed to the airport and flew to san diego.

i had a REALLY cool hotel in san diego - an andaz. it was fancy and i liked it. and i forgot to do some work i had wanted to do. oops. but i got room service and crashed. the next day i met my aunt and uncle for breakfast and then went to a meeting with a client. headed back to the hotel to get things done and then back to the airport.

tues night in sac i went out with some friends and had a REALLY

it was so fun. we went to eat and then to a bar (or two? i can't remember) and just talked. and it was good.

last night i was at work late and then walked to my massage. mmmm. it was good. i dont remember most of it because i was half sleeping, half relaxing and really zen. i DEF needed it. i walked back to my hotel after being stood up by someone (its fine, i'm not sad) and grabbed more sushi on the way. ate in my room and got some stuff done, so that was good.

tonight i am going out to say goodbye to a friend who is moving to manila next week. it'll be sad to see her go, but i'm super excited to have someone to go visit in asia (along with a friend in japan) so that i can get my butt over there.

my flight is at 6am tomorrow, so next time you hear from me i'll either be up in the air or home...

[song because i was trying to think of a song with the word "leave" because i dont really want to leave CA for once. i'm avoiding boston, and yet i can't. i don't want to leave.]

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