Sunday, July 17, 2011

you better know what you're fighting for

phew! --------@@@------ thats the symbol for me brushing the back of my hand across my forehead. i am on a flight to the golden state for a week-long work trip. i can NOT be happier. you know how sometimes this and that and the other thing add up and grate on you and you just have to get away? thats how i feel lately. i am just... wanderlustful. wanderlusting? lusting to wander? you get what i mean. so its part need to get away and part haven't traveled FOR OVER TWO MONTHS. that is CRAZY. that NEVER happens for me (i usually make sure it never happens) and yet i think my last trip was to vermonth/montreal in mid-june and my last flight was in early may. wild. i'm hoping it will make me rejuvenated and feel better about a lot of things.

so today is sunday and i am on my flight. i land in sac around noon and am picking up a rental car to head to napa to pick up SIXTEEN stupid wine bottles. SIXTEEN. 16! and these aren't for me to "pick out." these are already owned by my roommate and i (8 each). i was shocked that its been that long since we've picked up. it kind of annoys me, too. actually, it really annoys me. not in the pissed off way, more of the "sigh" way. i'm actually happy to go to napa on my own and sit at mumm for a bit and drive around and stop for a burger in davis maybe.

crap. i just realized i didn't bring a charger for my laptop. oops. i wonder how long this battery will last... oh wow. it says 7 hrs. thats not bad. that will help for my next flight (layover MSP).

so yesterday i went in to work from 10-7pm. it was

i got so much done. it was great. and i am super dooper organized for this week and that makes me quite content. i have a lot of meetings and need to do a lot to stay ahead of the game. it'll be great.

when i was done with work (which, BTW, includes me FINISHING my expense reports!!! - just to go on another trip - ha!), i called k of kc and she was interested in meeting up with me for dinner since i had only had a bag of chips and an apple all day. she lives by my office so i told her i'd stop by and she said she needed 10 min. i called my parent and chatted with them for 10 min, packed up and went to her house. i buzzed the apartment and no answer. people came in and out, and two were quite particular about making sure the door closed behind them because i was standing there. i wasn't trying to get in because we had agreed she'd come downstairs. i buzz again thinking that maybe she was in the bathroom or something. no answer. i'm starting to get worried. the "buzzing" doesn't ring a doorbell in the apartment, but rather rings her cell phone which she can pick up and then press 9 to open the door. pretty neat, eh? i sent her a text saying "you know i'm downstairs, right?" i figured she was tied up with something. waiting. waiting. so then i "buzzed" again and left a voicemail for her saying i was downstairs. more waiting. more people coming and going. i crossed the street and looked up and tried to figure out which floor was her apartment (i couldnt remember if 1 was considered ground floor or the first floor upstairs). can't figure out which windows are hers. i buzz again. no answer. i called and left another message saying "i'm gonna leave in a few minutes, just let me know you're ok." of course, my mind jumps to horrible situations: she's fallen in the bathroom. someone has attacked her. she decided not to go out with me. i even called her husband, who i knew was not home, to see if he knew what happened. i finally sent another text saying i was leaving. i had been at her place for over 20 min.

i hopped in a cab home because i had this MASSIVE bag of presentations, laptop, folders, etc for my trip this week. in the cab ride, my phone rings (it was on very low battery and about to die, which is why i hadn't been calling and calling). it's k. turns out she thought her phone was right next to her and it was at the other end of the apartment and she thought i had just gotten tied up at work. how funny is that?? i was SO WORRIED. i was practically home, so she jumped on the bus and headed my way. we went to a sushi restaurant and i had some drinks and she had wine and then we went to my place while i started to pack and she watched for a glass of wine (time-wise, that is. not as if i was going to GIVE her a glass of wine if she diligently watched me).

she left around 11 and i had to finish packing. i was up until about midnight (because of course i had a movie on and was watching/packing at the same time). alarm went off at 4:05 this morning and it was off to the races!

i think we're about to land soon so i'll wrap this up. here is a video that is making its way around the interwebs. have a great sunday!

[lyrics are from janelle monae's cold war song. i'm listening to it as i type this. love.]

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  1. I am happy you were so productive! Have a great trip to California!