Monday, July 11, 2011

gotta get thru this

ok. let's do this. i figure i'd write now and then not feel guilty in the morning when i am too tired to ramble. its 12:12am. sunday evening / monday morning. today did not turn out like i thought it would and i am trying, desperately (?), to do the ONE thing i need to do this weekend: expense reports. i dont know why i just can't do this. its weird. ugh.

anyway, i've just put on stand by me and i'm determined to not go to bed until i finish them.

so here's why my day didn't turn out. i played tennis with bubby and then asked kc to go to brunch. i would've only had a glass of wine at brunch, but ... well, i had more. then i suggested we go for another drink. which we did; we went to the beehive. then, once again, i suggested we head to my place to play a game. so they were over until 5pm. they left to go to a movie with higgi and i went upstairs to get ready for yoga at 630. i sat on my bed and called my mom. i put on wait, wait dont tell me so i could listen to it while i got ready. then, all of a sudden, it was 7:30pm. i must've fallen asleep on my bed and totally missed my yoga class. i was sad. i really like that class. no more drinking on sundays. i like that class and don't want to miss it again.

since i woke up, i've done quite a bit, but not my expense reports. i'm gonna start now. let's see how long it takes me.

[song by daniel bedingfield. i think.]

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