Sunday, July 10, 2011

i'm not your stepping stone

morning. i'll preface the title before i get going anywhere else: i'm not trying to subtly tell anyone anything. that's just the song i'm listening to right now. i love it. paul revere and the raiders. not your stepping stone! your stepping stone!

anyway, its sunday. there is absolutely 100% something new that is making me very very happy. giddy happy. i don't know how to link to it, so check this out. genius! i just tweeted about it i like it so much.

i was going to write more, but i actually have to get going soon. i'm going to brunch with kc and the sunshine band. i've already played a few games of ticket to ride today (on my ipad - LOVE the app!!), played tennis with bubby at northeastern and took a quick shower. now i'm heading out for mimosas and brunch.

ok, i guess ihave 3 min. so friday night i was at work late and didnt get to go to my bollywood class. and i think this coming friday i'm going to take my little out, so i dont think i'll get to go to it then, either. i hope they keep having it.

yesterday, i went to michael's with bubby and i paid to get 2 things professionally framed and then got a ton other frames for things i like. woo hoo. oh, i shouldn't gotten some regular picture frames. oh well. next time, i guess. gotta do some hanging now, too. i'll take pics and post them up. after that, i rented a zipcar for my lazer hair appointment. did that and then picked up dry cleaning in my zipcar, stopped to get sushi and came home to eat and drink wine while i read a book that i was supposed to finish FOREVER ago. played some ticket to ride and then watched a movie and went to bed (you will meet a tall dark handsome stranger).

tonight i'm going to yoga but after brunch i 100% MUST do my expense reports and create a budget. it will kill me if i dont. ok, over and out.

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