Friday, August 19, 2011

bite your goings!

so hello there. i am on a plane. an aeroplane. thats some fancy language for airplane. and i am writing this to 1) have another blog mention to my friend, e/lb. ohh interesting. that could be like "e" divided by "pound". iiiinteresting. e/lb. you know who you are! and 2) because i am SOO bored. i am sitting by a nice guy on the plane, but the guy nex tto HIM is a major douche. he is super "my job is great because its so satisfying and challenging. i've been there 13 years and every day is a new challenge." umm, helloooo... if you've been there that long and every day is a challenge, maybe you're not too bright?? ok, thats mean. i have other reasons to dislike the guy, but i dont care enough. i'm too tired, as well.

last night i went to dinner with c of kc and the sunshine band. twas good. we went to sushi because k doesnt really love japanesi food (and she is out of town). nice chat, fun times, not out too late (although i took my sweet-ass time packing AND forgot stuff (!) which meant i had to go home DURING work to get everything - stupid wasted twenty bucks!), so it was good. we even had sake and i enjoyed it. so that is why i am tired. i was out until 9 pm (so late!) and then went home and watched tv, played catan, and then packed. oops! BUT i'm in first class on my next flight and therefore can sleep... wait. no. i'm in first class on a 40 min flight. i am SO drinking. have fun with me homie & fly girl! does fly girl work? she needs to tell me...

i was going to write about something else, but now i'm just going to post because e/lb is looking...

[bite your goings does not equal an old saying from grandmas. its autocorrect for "bite your tongue"!]