Sunday, August 21, 2011

30e60 Invites

so... yesterday was our surprise party for my father. we have been planning this party since march (or, at least thats when we started talking about it and when i booked my ticket home). we sent out paper invites a few months ago and then started sending email reminders out. i will try to take a picture of the invite that we sent out, but, of course, we dont have a copy here at my parents house (because we didn't want him to see it). and post it for everyone to see. the party was super fun. i will write more about it soon, but for now, here is a pic of me and my pops. and the emails that we sent to people (so he can see them).

first email sent 9aug11:
Greetings and Salutations!!

On Saturday, August 20th, the Erdmann family will be hosting a SURPRISE 60th Birthday Party for Tom Erdmann.

Thirty Erdy is turning Sixty!!

The party will be at 4pm at Trollwood Park in the West Pavillion. You are cordially invited to this party, but please keep in mind that this is a SECRET. A Surprise. We need to be stealthy and keep it confidential. If you are receiving this email, hopefully you received a paper invitation in the mail. If you did not it is because we simply did not have your address. Please invite anyone who would be interested in coming, but please do...

RSVP by Tuesday, August 16 so that we have enough time to buy food and drinks.

We will be having food, beer and wine for your enjoyment. If you would like to bring other drinks, please feel free to do so. Food will be grilled by our dear friends at Grilling Addiction. Check them out here: There will be music, games, and good company.

Feel free to respond to me to RSVP or to the group email - [redacted]. As we get closer to the date, I will send out more information / call people to inform them of the specifics of the surprise. Jon and Eric are taking Dad golfing so we will have to coordinate when people arrive at Trollwood for maximum surprise effect.

No gifts necessary, but if you can't make it please send cards and pictures and funny stories to my brother and his wife:

If you prefer for me to invite someone we may have not invited, please forward me an address or email so that I can do so.

Finally, my brothers will be creating a playlist so if you have any suggestions for songs, please let us know.

Looking forward to seeing you all there! (Yes, it is a surprise that I will be in Fargo for this - shhhh!)

See you at the party,


second email / updated info sent 16aug11:

Greetings Gypsies in the Palace!

For all of you Growing Older but not Up, thank you for RSVPing to 30e60 - the most fabulous 60th birthday ever created by people who never plan 60th birthdays!!

Get ready to Quietly Make Some Noise while I lay down the dilly-o... Jon and Eric will be golfing with Tom at Edgewood on Saturday. We would like all Pirates Looking at 40 (and any other age) to arrive at Trollwood West Pavillion around 4pm. If you cannot make it to the West Pavillion (including being parked and AT the bunker) by 4:20pm, please do not arrive until 4:45 pm to ensure optimum surprise. We will have a keg of beer and wine available from Tin Cup Chalices. Feel free to bring anything else you would like to drink. We can begin enjoying the festivities at 4pm and once I receive the phone call from my brother, Jolly Mon, we will move to create a big group of people with signs to welcome the the King of Somewhere Hot to the event.

The party is Caribbean / Hawaiian themed, so feel free to wear hawaiian shirts and leis. We will have a guest book for you to sign, write fun stories, and place your email addresses so we can send pictures afterwards. Grilling Addiction is concocting some fabulous food ( Incommunicado.

If you have any questions, can't find the location (check out this link:,-96.77927&spn=0.001553,0.004128&t=h&z=19&vpsrc=6), or just want to chat feel free to chat with me over the Coconut Telegraph at [redacted].

If I have missed any Captains or Kids, please do pass on (I don't have emails for the Hs, Ls, Bs, and CM - please pass on if you know them or see anyone else).

I'm Off to See the Lizard,



  1. Wow. You guys thought of everything!
    Happy Birthday Tom!

  2. great, great party. Thanks to my family for all they did.
    Probably best party I've been to, ever.