Monday, August 22, 2011

eat your heart up

so here are some random things that i enjoy (dissecting things by state and regions):

check out this link to how much cigarette packs cost by state. i would've guessed $5 a pack -thisexplains why

here is a map about food deserts. note the large amounts of red space over nodak. sad.

question for you? do you think americans drink a lot? note, i did not ask, do YOU drink a lot, do americans in general. check out this link to see a map by drinking.

so compare food deserts and drinking and look at this map of what we eat:

i do not fit into that circle chart. :( or maybe thats a good thing...?

and here is the final chart, which my family will not be happy that i post - how pop affects your body.
[song by the blow]

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