Tuesday, August 23, 2011

happy birthday, dyaddy!

in case that ultra-big picture isn't clear enough, today is my fathers actual 60th birthday. happy birthday, dadyd! we had a really good night. it was fun. we were going to go out to eat, but stayed home instead. we grilled steaks for the boys (my father and oldest younger brother, homie) and then my mom and i had deliciously marinated (you're welcome, mom) chicken. :) i made brussel sprouts for my family to try - i made them the way my roommate taught me (or attempted to, anyway) with brown sugar and pepper flakes and some bacon. except we didn't really have bacon bacon, so i used bacon bits. ha. thats right. bacon bits. they were pretty good. ironically, the boys liked them and not my mom (who was the one willing to try - i had to practically open the boys' mouths and force feed them). we also had asparagus and corn on the cob (or, to be clear, my father had corn on the cob - he got all three of the good ones. the other three were on the bottom rung and got overcooked so the corn kernels turned starchy and icky. those were the ones my brother, mother and i had).

afterwards, my brother humored me and played ticket to ride. it was fun. he won and i didn't mind. i just like playing. my father went to wash the car in time for a trip and mom went to bed.

overall, pretty good night. happy birthday, pops!