Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pretty girl rock

So I think I talked about what I did in columbus on Saturday night but not the rest of the time. I obviously worked, and a lot, but I managed to have some fun, too. Sunday I slept in, kind of, and then walked to the hair salon to get my hair done. After that, alice picked me up and we went to run some errands for her. Then we grabbed food at la fogata and that was good. I had to switch hotels (trying to increase my hyatt points and get more stays, of course) so we stopped at my new hotel. I stayed Saturday night at the hyatt regency and then Sunday night at the hyatt place. Monday night I switched back to the hyatt regency. I even saved my company money by doing that! So I don’t feel too badly about it. Anyway, we ran a bunch of errands and then went to her house during this MASSIVE thunderstorm – the kind where you cant see out of the house. We had pizza from z pizza and rented a movie on her on demand. We saw cedar rapids which is, quite possibly, the worst movie I have seen this year. Maybe next to sucker punch (which, ironically, I loved the soundtrack for and therefore don’t have horrible memories about). It was so bad alice kept leaving the room. I couldn’t turn it off, though. I just don’t do that with movies. So I watched it. And it was sad. It had such a great cast. We watched it in hd, which was kind of weird. It was too real or something.

Anyway, after that she brought me to my room and I stayed up talking to my friend in nola. I didn’t get the work done that I had wanted to, but that’s fine.

After work on Monday, alice and I went to grab a drink and gossip at… crap. Where were we? Rossi? Marchellas? Something like that. Then we went to dinner at two fish and had an interesting dinner – the rolls weren’t made exactly how they said they were and so we told our waitress. She told the manager who came over and talked to us for a very long time. Like 10 minutes. We didn’t get anything free, but hopefully we made the dining experience better for someone else next time. Ha. That sounded really dorky.

We checked out the bar and the bartender wasn’t working. So that was a loss. That’s ok. Probably better that way. We did go to union, which is a gay club in Columbus and had a drink there. She dropped me off and I got into my new hotel room. For some reason they gave me a free movie, which, of course, I couldn’t waste. So I ordered jumping the broom and started watching it near midnight. I kept falling asleep, so I finally put myself to bed and then got up early to watch the end of it.

Tuesday morning, alice called to say she was on her way to pick me up. She was going to stop and get us some chais, so I told her I would meet her downstairs. She called back 10 min later to say she was close. I headed downstairs and didn’t see her. I left my luggage outside and went back in to check out. Back outside, she’s still not there. So I call her – she was at the wrong hotel! Even though she had dropped me off the night before, she had already had a routine in her head “pick up chai, go to hyatt place, go to work” and had driven directly to my hotel of the previous night! It was quite funny and we laughed about it. We ended up being a half hour late for work, but oh well. No one actually noticed or cared.

So that was my trip to Columbus. Lots of going out and lots of hanging out with alice. Tons and tons of fun. Totally worth it.

[song by keri hilson]

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