Thursday, August 11, 2011


So I was listening to all songs considered the other day and they did this special on songs that make you soar. Like, no matter when you hear it, it puts you in a good mood. So I have been really thinking about this for a long time. I can’t think of any songs that put me in 100% good mood. If I’m driving, I love it when the song black betty comes on. And I’ve never actually heard santa esmerelda’s version of don’t let me be misunderstood on the radio. That would make me extremely happy. But I don’t know that either song is really HAPPY making. Oh, I used to LOVE the song crush by Jennifer paige. Totally poppy and stupid, I know, but it reminds me very very specifically of the key club convention after junior year of high school. We were in Atlanta and it was so much fun. That song came out at that time and I loved it. It still brings me back to a very specific moment in time.

also from high school is the song glycerine by bush. that song probably has one of my favorite lyrics ever: it must be your skin, i'm sinking in. the group bush has all sorts of other heart warming thoughts that i'm sure i've rambled about before.

in college, i worked at express for a few years. working at a clothing store, you hear the same mix of music over and over and over again. there is one song that stands out to me that i loved loved loved. it was by roger sanchez and called i never knew. its a club song, totally. i feel that way all the time.

the first time i ever really felt tied to a song was when i was listening to a richie valens tape when i was 6 years old or so. i remember being in the basement of our house in minot and hearing this song and going into a corner and being by myself. its called crying, waiting, hoping. god, i really hope thats not the story of my life.

there are a few other songs that mean a lot to me, but its getting late and i'm super tired.

which song speaks to you??