Friday, August 12, 2011

and the birds sing

i woke up at 432 this morning. wide awake. no idea why. its now 506 and my alarm is set to go off in 40 minutes. sigh.

last night i was meant to play tennis with lisa and this couple we met in our tennis lessons. lisa is ill so i rented a zipcar and headed out to watertown by myself. they had a friend joining, who is also a tennis beginner. let's call her a SUPER beginner. she made ME look REALLY good. the whole thing was fine, and i practiced my serve and got pretty decent at it, but i'm still not any good. i need to play more than once a week. any tennis players out there??

exciting news on the travel front...

got this email from delta yesterday:
Congratulations and welcome to Gold Medallion® status!

woo hoo! FINALLY!! so now i'm gold status. and thats awesome. i am going to fly delta ALL THE TIME now. in fact, with the bonus miles you get for flying as a gold member, i might even make platinum this year. which would be
because i am now gonna try and plan a fun trip next april - i'm gonna head to hawai'i, japan, then manila. i know. crazy. but awesome crazy. i cant wait!

ok, its now 519. my birthday. i'm going to try to get some sleep.

oh first. tonight is dinner and comedy show. what are you up to?

[song by a group on my pandora playlist right now]

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