Wednesday, August 17, 2011

things that are making me happy

things that make me happy: when you have the perfect IM conversation with someone.

case in point:

4:32 PM Ryan: hey...
me: hey...
Ryan: if you take a cab home tonight,
can you have it swing by and run me over, on your way?
4:33 PM me: of course!
Ryan: maybe even stop and back over me again for good measure
me: 20 pts for that!
Ryan: thank you soooo much
me: i think a reverse is worth like 50
whats going on??
Ryan: i'm getting drunk tonight.
just a heads up
me: NICE
i'll do it with you!
just no gluten!
is there gluten in ice cream?? i didnt think so
4:34 PM Ryan: not so much
4:35 PM i think we should just make a pitcher of Higginsons, and drink it with 2 straws
me: niiice
a higginson scorpian bowl!
4:36 PM Ryan: YESSSSS
me: HSB, baby
4:38 PM Ryan: woot
4:42 PM me: omg!
i'm on hold with the contact lens place
and they are playing enrique iglesias!!
its fate!!
Ryan: hahahahaha

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