Tuesday, August 16, 2011

cruisin’ for a bruisin’

I need your help peeps. This Friday I’m heading to DC to visit my friend gidget who just had a baby last march. Ooo. I JUST realized that I could get your help in two places. Yes, this is good. Reaching out to the blogosphere for some help. Hey, blogosphere is in the dictionary. Iiiinteresting.

So here is the thing. I’m visiting my friend gidge, whom I have known since high school. Her real name is not gadget, but I have called her that basically since the first weekend I met her. (based off of the movie and then tv show, of course – she is cute as a button). She got married a few years ago and I have thus started calling her husband moondoggie. (that is NOT in the dictionary). So now they have an offspring. And I think I need to come up with a far out name for their son. Soo… if you think of any ULTIMATE, dreamy names, that would be awesome. I’ve rejected goldstar, winter fox, etc. I need a really hip to the jive name. ohmgosh. I just looked 50s slang and I saw ‘cloud nine.’ What do you think? Like, he puts his parents on cloud 9? Too cheesy? Anyway, that’s help #1.

The 2nd, and more important issue at hand, is music. I want to create a playlist of all important songs that this kid should know. Gidge loves music, but isn’t super organized about it. She sent me an email a bit ago asking me to recommend hip new music that she can start working out to. I have yet to send her that playlist, but I will. Until then, I need a playlist for the baby. Some totally true, American tunes. Here is what I am thinking so far:

american pie (don mclean)
in the air tonight (phil collins)
dog days are over (florence + the machine)

ok... so just looking at this is kind of funny to me. i have NO IDEA why those are the songs i have so far, but they are... what am i missing?

Don’t have a cow if you can’t think of anything. Just lay on me what you can think of. And don’t be a wet rag and help participate.



  1. Free Falling by Tom Petty
    Jack & Diane by John Mellencamp

  2. here's one for you...I Drink Alone by George Thorogood. (Renae and I are going to see him tonight)