Monday, August 15, 2011

start wearing purple

i am not pleased with my body's ability to wake up before my alarm - no matter how tired i am the night before, what time i go to bed, or what time i set my alarm for. its as if my body has a clock and puts together "ok, asleep at 11:40, alarm set for 5:45, thats less than 6 hours from now... wake up at 5:35!" unimpressed.

busy week this week. supposed to go to some people's house for dinner tonight, but, quite frankly, i might not have time. i really really really need to study. i planned to study ALL DAY yesterday. r and i came in to the office to get some work done and it was 90 degrees. much too hot to work. we were here for an hour and it was like "ok... i can't think." so we left. i had to go to the apple store to get a case for my ipad. i bought one with a keyboard and i dont like it. so i got a slimmer version which is better, i guess. r told me to get black because she thought i was more sophisticated. i'm feeling a bit fun lately, so i got pink instead. now i wonder if i regret that.

anyway, i went home and tried really really hard to study. oh wait. no. not at first. you know when you do EVERYTHING BUT the thing you NEED to do? that was me yesterday. i cleaned my room, organized my closet (i mean, really. it was pretty organized already). i put things away. i looked up stuff online. i started a ramble (but didnt finish). i IMed random people. i played catan. etc. not good. THEN, i finally cracked open the book right before r came home with food. and it was daunting. and a lot of work. so i didn't get anywhere. after dinner, we spent an hour transferring music to her computer. i actually feel good about doing that. :)

the point is, i need to study. and i can't keep putting it off. i think most things at home are taken care of, so i shouldnt put it off anymore. i must do it.

tomorrow night i have a study date and then r and i are going to a movie as a final goodbye before she leaves on wed. wed night i have class and thur i'm going out with c. oh, thats another thing i did yesterday - look up concerts to go to in boston. turns out enrique iglesias is here the day i leave for turkey. disappointing because i LOVE his new song. and he's super hot. higgi offered to go to the concert on my behalf and hook up with him afterwards since i wouldnt be able to. what a good friend. oh, right, and the whole looking up of concerts was ironic - kc and the sunshine band (the actual band, not my friends) are in town on friday! i can't go on friday, which is too bad.

so. thats that. busy week. le sigh. this is my new favorite song. i can't embed, so just check it out here.

[gogol bordello - maybe my day would be better if i was wearing purple.]

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