Friday, August 5, 2011

don't act like i never told ya

ha! i forgot to blog today. super super busy. a moment of reprieve, which is nice, but scary. i did not get any sleep last night (out partying in sacto!) and am nervous that if i pause, i will fall into a deep, deep slumber. i suspect i will be dead to the world in 5 hours. that will give me 6 hrs of sleep before my flight to columbus in the morning. thats pretty good. i will be pleased with that. considering the week i've had, i am in pretty good spirits. so that is good.

so last night i played tennis with a friend. it was fun, but MAN i SUCK at singles. i am soo much better at doubles. i suspect most people are, now that i think about it. less ground to cover. and a backup partner. i need to take some more lessons because i am getting RUS-TY. which is too bad. my biggest problem is figuring out where the ball is going to go. i just don't see the lines and angles. which sucks. more lessons are in the future for me fo shizzle.

what else? oh right! i almost forgot... i found this other article about settlers that i wanted to post here. so here it is. its the history of the game. super interesting.

did i tell you that i've booked a trip to turkey? and london and paris. so that will be AWE SOME. its in sept.

in honor of that, here are some videos that i really liked....

first seen here.

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