Sunday, August 7, 2011

oh baby you, you got what i need

oof duh! dah? oof dah? hmm... anyway, oof dah. its 10:43 pm and i'm not really tired. i have a CRAPTASTIC amount of stuff to do, and i should do that, but instead i'm writing a ramble. ramble ramble ramble.

i'm in columbus and i have to say... there is no other place that i go to and have SO MUCH FUN. stop laughing! i swear its true! columbus is a happenin' place.

i got here on saturday afternoon. my flight was on time, but it took forever for the luggage to start coming out. then, low and behold, there was no more luggage coming out. mine was not among the ones left on the belt. that was not cool. so i had to do the claim ticket thingie and the guy couldnt understand why the suitcase didnt make the flight - i had over an hour layover AND denver, my connecting city, was the "gold child" of baggage apparently. they said they would deliver it to my hotel.

my friend, alice, had picked me up, so we headed to target to get some clothes because we had plans for that night. i spent $118 on tops, underwear, makeup and deodorant. we then cruised to her friend's house to put laundry in (my jeans) and then sped off to my hotel to check in. i told them i was expecting a suitcase. on the way back to her house, where we were going to shower, i called united and asked about my suitcase. the woman was in the process of telling me that the suitcase was still in denver (despite the fact that there was a direct flight from denver to columbus that was about to land). before she could finish talking, i said "WHY?" in a really deep, assertive tone. she kind of paused. alice looked at me like "woah. what's going on?" the woman could tell i was not happy and asked me TONS of questions about my suitcase: brand, color, size, 3 specific items that would be in it. i gave her all the details including my room number at the hotel. i was not pleased, but she said she would approve charges for me to buy things. i am so sending that receipt in.

we stopped to switch the laundry to the dryer and then headed to alice's house to shower. 2 women showered, changed, and put on makeup in 40 min. it was amazing. oh, and drank a bottle of bubbly. obviously thats important and was prioritized.

our plans started at 6pm - we went to a tasting at a local, artisanal vodka and whiskey distributer. there was a talk on the product plus a tour and we were only 7 min late! we were meeting some people there who greeted us and we joined right in. after the tour there was a tasting and it was pretty good! (i bought some - here is their website - i might have finally found a vanilla vodka that i can drink!

after the tour, we went to a restaurant and had good food and drinks. then we went to a club and a friend of mine and i left and went to a different place to hang out. at one point, we walked back to my hotel to go to the bar, which was not open. it was annoying. we also noted that my suitcase had not arrived. i was going to call united and give them a piece of my mind. my feet were hurting so badly, i was walking in the street with no shoes on. we all know this means my feet were REALLY hurting. i would never walk on the sidewalk with no shoes on. i even had to take a taxi back to the hotel which was like 3 blocks away.

i got back to my hotel and was standing at the front desk trying to find a charger for my phone when i looked over and - boom! there was my suitcase. i think i squealed and grabbed it and ran upstairs. i didnt really do anything other than plug my phone in before i passed out on my bed, totally clothed. the next morning i woke up to some early-morning texts. it was nice to not have to get up for anything. i got my hair done and had a great sunday!

potentially more to come from the crazy wilds of columbus....

i think i may have posted the original, so you should definitely see the history of rap 2 here. just watch it.

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  1. Wow. Sounds like a great time. Me? I was busy painting the guest bedroom a color that does not match the bedspread. Grrr.