Wednesday, August 3, 2011

all the girls are sitting on a pile of gold

there's something in the deli aisle that makes you cry.

sigh. 2.5 hrs left on my flight. i am tired. and my hands are dry. i've just IMed a bunch of people because i'm bored. no one is getting back to me.


ok, its later. i've talked to a few people online and i feel better about that. 1.5 hrs left on the flight and only 36% of battery. wonder how long this will last. i guess i'll play settlers of catan on my ipad after this battery dies. or something. oooo. speaking of catan. i think i have some things to say about that. let me find them.
so yeah, there was this article on boingboing a while ago talking about catan. my cousin introduced it to a cousin of ours and that cousin introduced it to me. i LOVE this game. its so fun. i love the strategy and the fact that the game changes all the time. its fabulous. when we had my birthday in maine in may, we brought tons of board games and played them. it was really cool. i also am really loving ticket to ride. and there is a cool two-person game that i have played with kc & the sunshine band, but i can't remember what its called. i'm sure k will comment (if she can!) and tell us the name. since its just two people, one of us has to watch, but its cool.
i'm thinking i might try to get my little sister interested in playing board games. she seems like she's smart but not really challenged at home. and that would be great if she could come down the street to my place to play board games for a bit. hmm... i actually need to get her more involved in physical things, but thats a story for another day.

i also love playing taboo and ... i wonder what else i love. i really dislike scrabble - i'm horrible at it and my family never lets me use non-english words (unfair!).

what board games do you like?


  1. I like Settlers and I love scrabble. I would love to play Scrabble using a dictionary sometime....and a time clock. You could look in a dictionary for one minute or something like that.
    Maybe next time you are home we could play some games eh?

  2. I never win at scrabble in our family... I'm no good at speling ;) I love Settlers tho!

  3. Lost Cities - the best 2-person game ever! (And one that I can win from time to time - very important.)

    Love the idea of you and your little playing games! They can be very educational in really subtle ways.

    We recently bought a game called SET - "a family game of visual perception" that the guy in the store said was perfect for 2 people. I'll loan it to you to try with her. We haven't played it yet but it looks good!