Wednesday, August 3, 2011

too tired to make up a title

its 8:36am east coast time. i have been up since 3:50 am, which was about 2 hrs after i went to bed. i booked my first last-minute flight yesterday and am now on it. i'm heading back to CA for work. i'm not really bothered by this trip, which is kind of disconcerting... i am going to miss class, which sucks. and i want to go to tennis tomorrow night, but i brought my racket so hopefully i'll get some practice in anyway. BOY do i need it, as well. i was MAJORLY sucking last week when i played. missed-the-ball sucking. embarrassing.

anyway, the reason why i bring up the time is because the flight attendant, a very very friendly, handsome guy, just walked by me with two nips of vodka in his hand. really? TWO. 8AM?? i think there are times when that would be fun and interesting. today is not the day for me. i am tired, and last night was the 2nd night i didn't sleep well. tonight is the night to get back on track. i will be a frolicking filly tomorrow! i am already looking forward to it...

hmmm... guess i was too busy doing nothing. we are now landing and i have to turn my computer off. i'm going to post this and attempt to ramble some more on my next flight (layover msp - no upgrade, but i have an exit row seat next to a decently hot guy who is wearing an arsenal shirt. that is interesting to me).

eyes are tired. must go.

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