Wednesday, July 14, 2010

dream apartment - 35

how FABULOUS is this idea?? just another reason to have a card catalog in your house (or an apothecary cabinet!!!) i love love love this. and apparently i'm not good at making up my mind these days. i basically loved ALL of the apartment therapy's pics on home bars. maybe thats a combination of not making up my mind AND loving bars... hmmm....

how cool and classy and b&b is this one?

and then of course, this one from crate and barrel (LOVE the clean lines!) that rivals the one i was *going* to get... (as seen here) maybe i should shell out the extra bucks and actually get this one. it IS super nice. what do you think?

is the one directly above $500 better than the original one i was going to get? my old friend, rcs, was going to build me a bar once... so long ago...


  1. i don't know if there's any more space in your bedroom for a wine bar...

  2. higgs - ha. you know i'd make room

    [dave] - good call. PLUS if someone broke in to your place, they'd never think to look in the card catalog for alcohol!