Tuesday, July 13, 2010

eat the rich

i was reading this article the other day, about this personal finance blogger being an eat-out-aholic and how it works for him, and i started thinking about myself. i, too, am an eat-out-aholic, but i'm not convinced its working for me. its expensive, can be unhealthy, AND i am a member of a farm! i get 10 pounds of veggies every week!! which i've already paid for. and a lot of it goes bad. part of it is that i don't know how to cook it. or cook in general. but i'm watching food network all the time, so i think eventually some of those things will start to rub off on me (here's hoping!). in my own defense, when i first moved here, i was still unpacking, etc. but that is no longer an excuse! aside from this current week (because i'm traveling for work), i'm going to try to go a few weeks without eating out. so that starts this weekend when i get back to boston. i'm going to go sat-thur without eating out (except when i have to for work reasons - business lunch or something). (thur i leave for europe, but will try to limit my eating out there, as well). so that's my new goal. i gave up candy and pop (which has been going great! except i did have soda when i was sick, which is ANOTHER reason why i shouldn't eat out - pretty sure the chinese food made me ill) and don't think i've had any candy. my little brother, player, is doing it, too. i wonder how he's doing. (hint, hint, tell me). and now: one week of not eating out.

so what will i miss? i'll miss chicken naan from mela.

and pizza. ooo. we should make our own homemade bbq chicken pizza with lots of veggies from the farmers market. good idea!

and jae's sushi. i'll miss that. i'll try to get my sushi fix this week while in sac.

i'd miss scallion pancakes, but i'm already over them since they made me ill.

what's your favorite food / place to get take out?

[song by aerosmith picked because am going to try to get rich by eating out less!]


  1. I looooove Grand Junction. And any burger joint, really, or any sports bar where there's beer. :)

  2. grand junction? have i been there? we should go. and i love burgers. i will miss good burgers. but i havent found any in boston yet, so thats ok. yeah, i like to drink, but we have a good bar at home and its waay cheaper.

  3. Grand Junction is delicious. I eat at Subway a lot! (but is that actually bad?) I'm doing just fine with the no candy or soda.