Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hey, ho, let's go!

i feel like crap. second day in a row. i have no desire to go to work today, but i will because i'm trying to finish this massively annoyingly detailed project. i shall triumph! i will overcome it! i need to get pumped up about it. it would be great if i could finish it today. we'll see.

today is a glorious state holiday in california so the office should be pretty dead - i work in an office that will be open, but the other 90% of the company should not be there. so i've decided i'm going to do 2 things. first, i want to find an apple i really like. i heard a podcast on eartheats, i think, about apples and the fact that there are THOUSANDS of different types of apples, and most americans know of ... say 5. i can name: green apples, granny smith, red delicious (which aren't really delicious, actually), ... hmmmm... ok, i can name 3. off the top of my head. so i was at nugget the other day and they had some delicious looking apples. so i bought 5 or 6 different kinds - one of each, and i'm going to take a picture of each and eat them and decide which ones i like. i may add peanut butter to the green one - those can be so tart. so thats thing one that i am doing.

thing two that is new to me is effective, april 1, 2010 (tomorrow), i am going to give up candy for ONE YEAR. yep, you heard me. to confess, the idea is not mine. i read it here. and it seems like such a good idea. because, honestly, WHY does one EAT candy anyway? i can't think of a good reason other than it tastes good for like 5.19 seconds. and if you pay attention to your body, you most likely feel like crap an hour or two after eating candy. because your blood sugar rises so quickly (making you feel good) and then it crashes to levels that make your body feel horrible. but my point isn't why SHOULDNT i eat candy (i can come up with TONS of reasons for that), but Why SHOULD i? seriously. aside from a small rush and tantalizing my taste buds, there is NO REASON to eat it. so i started to think about why i do eat candy. boredom. because its there. because i'm hungry and its cheap(ish). because someone offers it to me. because i feel bad. none of these are reasons to actually DO something. yet, i use them all the time. or i eat candy all the time. (not ALL the time - i could go weeks without eating any, but then i might have some and not really pay attention). which brings me why NOT to eat candy. its bad for you. literally, there are NO NUTRIENTS in candy. your body gets NOTHING GOOD from it. it rots your teeth - i am deathly afraid of losing my teeth and having to have dentures. ew. i dont like the thought. it makes you fat. even if there is no fat in it, its filled with tons of sugar which turns to fat when its not used. you're basically wasting good money. think about it, you spend $1 2-3 times a week on candy (if you only buy a candybar. if you buy a big bag of it, its 3 times that amount), that equals $150 a year on candy. at a minimum. think of everything else you could buy with that money. but i digress. i have decided that effective tomorrow, i will no longer eat candy. and i loooove me some candy. in preparation for this, i bought a bag of brachs candy corn last sunday. it was... ok. i didnt love it like i used to. in fact, it reminded me of my childhood. if i was craving candy corn, my dad would go to the store at 10pm at night for me and get me some. eating the candy corn brought back memories, but didn't make me want to not give it up. i also bought one bag of peanut butter m&ms and one bag of reese's pieces yesterday and compared them last night. it did not make my stomach feel well. i felt lethargic and frumpy after i ate them. but i did want to compare them. and i realized that i think i like the reeses pieces better. for YEARS i've said the opposite, but now i'm rethinking. either way, it doesnt matter. effective tomorrow, i'm giving it all up. for one year. and we'll see if i want to eat it after that.

now the issue is... what constitutes as candy? clearly candy bars, m&ms (and the like), jelly beans, skittles. i'm going to throw in life savers and york peppermint patties. i do like mints for breath purposes, but they are kind of candy-like and individually packaged, which is not green. so i will give those up, but i will not give up gum. does that seem fair? what items am i missing?

oh, i forgot my second point to the second point. we'll call it 2a. or would candy be 2a and this be 2b? hmmm... either way, i'm also going to give up pop (or "soda" if you prefer). i had my last diet root beer yesterday (which is really the only pop i actually like). and i didnt really love it. it tasted like sugary water. so i'm through. no more pop for me. which will be hard because i like to use it as mixers in alcoholic drinks. this just means no more long islands or rum and cokes. i'll haev to switch to straight-up martinis. mmmm... so those are my new decrees. no more candy and no more pop. and find an apple i really like. what do you think?

in other news, dont forget to read my quick post at madtasty for this week (on cooling beverages). and the cake vs. pie debate continues on! its getting heated at jezebel. i'm firmly in the cake camp, BUT this post was pretty funny trying to get people to vote for pies. i like these two pictures in particular which lead to the final picture:

which gives you this:::::::

know what it reminds me of...??? DUMP CAKE! ya'll remember that, right?? (hint, hint to my friends who were at my "holiday"? party a few years ago - it was that party, right?)

ok, i've got to get to work... wish me luck!

["Hey, ho, let's go!" by The Ramones from "Blitzkrieg Bop" just because i feel like i'm starting something new]


  1. LOL... dump cake... the breakfast of champions...

  2. That's funny. Nice April Fools joke! giving up candy and pop....

  3. Well she posted it yesterday so it isn't a joke, Jon. :) Anyways, I will join you in the effort against candy and soda. My drink of preference will be screw drivers. No cheating d!

  4. Yeah, but it says starting today. April 1st aka April Fools aka right now biznatch.

  5. no, no april fools joke. but i'll accept your joinness, eric. game on!

  6. Good idea giving up pop and candy. Nice job!!
    Hope you guys can do it.