Thursday, July 15, 2010

late in the evening

i am super tired. and i just paid $10 for a mini bottle of saline. bully for travel and running out of necessities. hello, i'm still in sacramento. it was a long, tough day at work. auction yesterday and lots of stuff to coordinate today. after work, i met up with some friends and we went to dinner at a restaurant that was... so so... i had crab cake salad and it was ok. i think there were mushrooms in the crab cakes. i dont like mushrooms. but i'm trying to eat more fiber and colorful veggies, so the salad was good. afterwards, we wanted to go see grown ups at the movie theater, so we walked up and asked for tickets. it turns out, the movie left today and they brought in a new movie. so we decided to come back to the hotel and had a drink at the bar. it was fun. we had italian margaritas, which i love. oh, and for you higgi in the morning, i was the life of the party! no social awkwardness here. so THERE. ha.

i've had a few bizarre situations while i have been here this week. i hope to ramble about them later. until then, here are some videos and other random stuff for your enjoyment.

my brother, homie, sent me this video and i wanted to put it here because i was talking about how great arrested development is. and i wanted him to know i saw it. and its great anyway. originally found here.

Arrested Development Chicken Dances - Watch more Funny Videos

then there is this video showing sleepless in seattle as a scary movie. love it! its all about editing, cutting, and MUSIC. music is KEY. the article, which is here, actually talks about how when a woman pursues a man, its creepy, but when a man pursues a woman, its romantic. interesting food for thought. what sayst you??

and then finally. the obvious. of course these are necessary! individually wrapped wine glasses (FULL OF WINE!). available only in the uk right now (i'll be there next week!), so i'm thinking... what kind would you like?

[song by paul simon because its almost late in the evening. my body thinks it is.]


  1. i love how dedicated you are to proving that you are not socially awkward... ;)

    also, did i send you the video clip of The Shining, recut as a feel-good movie? So great.

  2. The chicken dance joke is my favorite running joke on Arrested Development! It's HILARIOIUS!