Sunday, May 6, 2012

harbor master

greetings earthlings.  today is sunday.  its 230 and i can't believe how late the day is already!  i blame harbor master.  its a new game c told me about on my ipad and i'm addicted.  AND apparently i suck.  i am maxed out at 44!  that is so weak.  i must get better.

anyway, this morning i woke up and was laying in bed around 9. i looked at movies to see and thought "wow, i have pretty much seen all the movies that i would want to that are out right now.  crazy!" and then i thought, "there must be SOME indie movie that i havent seen yet... " and the theater near me is not really an indie theater.  so i looked at one that i would have to take the train to get to and i saw that they were showing this movie i wanted to see (2 days in new york) at 10.  so at 9:10 i jumped out of bed, threw on clothes and boogied to the t.  i was out of my house by 917.  i got there with plenty of time.  oh and the movie was $20.  and i was like "really?  thats a lot" but kind of figured that since i had gone that far i might as well pay it AND it was a cool indie theater that i dont support enough, so i thought "to heck with it."  so i paid.  i go in and they tell me that there is a comment form at one door and some flyers.  i had ACCIDENTALLY gone to a special screening with a discussion afterwards!  so i ended up being at the movie for a bit.  it was cute.  i would def recommend it to people.

after that, i went to cvs to put together a care package for my cousin and his wife who are in .. kuwait (?) until august.  lots of tuna, wheat thins, beef jerky and sunscreen coming their way.

i'm home and i have to do expense reports, make salads for the week, organize my calendar and paint.  just a simple sunday for me!  and i must stop playing harbor master.  grrr!  its so addicting.

ok, i have to get going.

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