Monday, May 7, 2012


its 11pm.  i'm still at work.  been here over 14 hours now.  sigh.  i dont totally mind because i have a lot of things to do and i LOVE being productive!  and its not too hot, so i dont mind being here.  i'm taking a quick break to write to you before the clock strikes midnight (my mother will not be happy - she wanted me home by 11 - ha!  i'm 30 years old and don't have to listen to you!!  :)) and then i have to change the date of this ramble and that gets all complicated and annoying.


crap!  i TOTALLY FORGOT what i was going to write about.  i actually had something.  der.

so anyway, no doubt sent out an email today saying that they are coming out with a new album in september (zaz!) and thanks for 25 years of support.  !!!  25 years??  holy crap i'm old!  i am SHOCKED.  this is actually really surprising to me.  and... bewildering.  i'm befuddled.  and i'm at work.  i wonder how much of my life i have spent at work.  probably less than the average soul considering my random moments of unemployedness, but still... maybe i've made up for the lost years with all this extra work i do.  hmm...  still.  25 years.  geez, man.

i've had a good past few days.  yesterday i booked a ton of awesomely fun stuff to do with the rents in nyc in a few weeks - limoliner down and back (yee haw!) then sweet hotel suite, avenue q, mets game, free staten island ferry (boom!) and more.  i'm super dooper excited.  so excited, i decided to take 2 random days off the week before they come so that i can go to nyc by myself to see MY FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME: GARBAGE and newsies on broadway.  its basically awesome.

so a few questions:
  1. when staying in nyc by myself - do i pay for a hotel room and get points or use points (albeit A LOT of points)?
  2. should i take another painting class?  i think i should.  learn some more techniques.  what do you think?  is that how you speel tecneeks?
  3. what do you think of this garbage song?  i am loving it.  you can't hear the whole thing, but the bit you can, adore.

ok one game of harbor master then back to work!

1 comment:

  1. 1) Pay
    2) yes, and tecneeks is right.
    3) garbage is well, garbage. :)