Saturday, May 5, 2012

because the night

happy cinco de mayo!  are you celebrating?  i didnt realize today was cinco de mayo.  oops!  i am going to dinner with a friend at a mexican restaurant but before that i'm going to a movie with c of kc and the sunshine band.  we're going to see the avengers.  i bought tickets online last night.  apparently its very good.  and i think we're going to see it in 3d - wooeeooo.  i absolutely 100% MUST do expense reports this weekend.  and maybe i'll finish some paintings.  i have a TON of half-started paintings - i've just done the background and nothing else.  other than that, there are some things i could do at work, but at the same time... meh... i could just work on it all next week.  it should be quiet at work (fingers crossed) and that would be nice to work normal hours.

so at work, a few of us have this thing where we listen to a song, the original version, and then a cover version and see which one we like best.  i am listening to channel 525 (rock) and because the night came on.  so which version do you prefer?

i guess you can't find the mtv unplugged version online (too bad -its the best version).

i haven't heard this song in a long time.  i really like it.  i had forgotten that.  thoughts?


  1. It's an OK song. Like the original better.

    How about this?


  2. I liked the original better too, way better.