Tuesday, January 24, 2012

i'm soo...


can't write long.  i am just too tired.  its only 8:44 on the west coast, but i am p double oh p e-d pooped!  i'm going to write super quickly about nothing really and then go to bed so i can attempt to get 8 hours of sleep.  have to get up at 5 to pick up my coworker at 7am so we can get to the office at 730 because i have a TON of things to do.  i was at work until 6pm tonight and have been running around ... sigh.  i can't even talk about it.

BUT i did go to eat with my coworker and we played lost cities.  it was fun.  i like the game and its pretty easy.

i just looked in my email for a fun video but dont have any.  why are the interwebs not making fun videos the past few days??

this is a ... something article, however.  i do not know her.  i wonder if my brothers do...

yep, thats about all i can do.


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