Monday, January 23, 2012

more than a feeling

let's see if this works....

i'm on a plane sunday night to ca and my brother, homie, posted this video that i thought i would share.  the internet connection is kind of sketchy, so if you see this, mad props to inflight internet!

in october, one of my favorite people in the world, my dear aunt vicki, was diagnosed with breast cancer. its very scary and sad and bizarre how things change with one phone call (in this case, an email).  she had surgery on halloween to remove the tumor and her surgery was successful.  since then she has been undergoing chemo every few weeks (you can read more about her here) and will eventually undergo radiation.  even with insurance, fighting cancer is extremely difficult financially.  vicki does not have short term disability and has to take off work to go to her treatments.  my other aunt (vicki's sister) and our family organized a benefit for her.  i was not able to go due to high airline prices, but basically everyone else in my family was there.  here is a video my brother shot and edited of the event:

pretty much everyone in a team vicki tshirt is related to me (lucky them!).  a few things i thought while watching this video:
1) my sister-in-law does NOT look pregnant enough!
2) my brother homie is going to be awesome with the video camera! (thanks mom and dad for giving it to him!)
3) my other brother player is so funny - he's the one who attempts to hug vicki a foot above her head
4) its a good thing i wasn't there, surely i would have screwed up in the kitchen!
5) my family is just awesome!
6) i should PAINT something to do with breast cancer!  [mentally note: because then, even if its bad, people will still enjoy it!!]

i have some more thoughts on healthy and bc, but those will come later... for now - continue fighting!